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Saudi Arabia has not started up foreigners in gas branch

the Large-scale project on the gas production organisation in Saudi Arabia it has appeared in doubt after Ayr - Rijad has rejected offers on conditions of investments of $25 mlrd the western oil and gas companies.
the governmental commission which is headed by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia prince Saud al - Fejsal, has sent corresponding letters to heading the international consortia of corporation Exxon - Mobil and Royal Dutch/ Shell.

As transfers ITAR - the TASS, declared in the beginning of year as the project of a century the plan on creation of the gas industry of Saudi Arabia yet has not led to concrete agreements on the beginning of works. According to experts, questions on the sizes of the guaranteed incomes of the western companies, and also reception of access by them to the data about stocks of gas of deposits became the basic obstacle. Besides, on a project way stand difficult socially - political obstacles as the part of establishment of Saudi Arabia does not want to suppose the western companies to working out of national gas deposits.

meanwhile Saudi Arabia has suggested the western companies to take a small time - a miss and to transfer negotiations for more later time.