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As a result of bombardment on border of India and Pakistan civilians

were lost As it became known on May, 18th, the day before as a result of artillery bombardment of frontier territories at interstate border of India and Pakistan in sector of Jammu - Punch were lost civilians from both parties.
the Minister of Defence of India informs that to not provoked intensive fire from heavy tools and rocket installations military facilities and peace settlements in areas Jammus have undergone, to Radzhuri, Punch and Hiranagar. As a result, the two civilians were lost, four persons have got serious wounds, tens country houses are destroyed. About 2,5 thousand families ran in deep areas.

artillery of India reciprocal volleys have destroyed the Pakistan military strengthening, bombardment whence was conducted, speaks in the statement of the Indian military command.

in turn the Ministry of Defence of Pakistan has accused the Indian party of military provocation. Under its data, as a result of bombardment from India four countrymen were lost and 40 have got wounds.

today in Delhi special session of National Security council with participation of commanders by kinds of armies for development of practical measures in the light of India accepted the day before by parliament of the resolution should take place. In the document the determination is expressed to finish threat of terrorism encouraged with Pakistan.