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Boris Gromov promises to grow up anew Moscow suburbs woods

Burnt down in Moscow suburbs from - for extensive fires of wood will be restored. It declared the governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromov. As he said, allocation of the burnt out earths on any other purposes does not consider a management of area.
the basic damage from fires, is considered by the governor of the Moscow suburbs which volume will be specified still, consists in loss of precious woods, and in a tresspass to health of people. Boris Gromov has underlined, necessity of restoration of large forests as they represent wood fund of the state.

according to mister Gromova, on liquidation of fires from the regional budget it is directed more than 20 million roubles. The governor has noted inactivity of some officials, having underlined that they will be necessarily punished. As he said, it is necessary to find out, who is guilty in an event, and to draw corresponding conclusions at all levels of the power - quotes RIA News .

Now the situation is supervised constantly, mister Gromov has assured. Now struggle against fiery elements conduct about 5,5 thousand persons. Human, financial, technical resources at us enough, the governor has underlined, conditions depends only on weather. Unfortunately, has noted, shortage of water in east areas of area is felt, and Shatursky and Egorevsky areas especially suffer.