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The European Union bank is going to give for the first time the credit of Russia

the European investment bank is going to grant the loan of Russia first in the history: the bank considers crediting of three Russian projects by total cost of 100 million euro.
projects which the European investment bank (EIB) is going to finance, concern developments of northern regions of Russia, including Kaliningrad. It is expected that on sewage treatment in the Kaliningrad region the bank will grant the loan at a rate of 15 million euro. 25 million euro more will go on the similar project in St.-Petersburg. The third demand line of credit is intended for works on protection of northern capital against flooding, have informed ITAR - TASS sources in EIB.

According to the available information, credits give for a period of 20 years with the rate at a rate of 5 annual interest rates and with 6 - a summer delay on payments. Never Earlier European investment bank which is specialised structure of the European Union and engaged in financing of large and long-term projects, did not give demand lines of credit of Russia. Change of its policy is considered by observers as an important symptom of rapprochement of the European Union and Russia.