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Taiwan has accused China of terrorism

the President of Taiwan Chen Shujbjan has urged China to clean the ballistic missiles aimed at island, having accused the Chinese management in terrorizirovanii inhabitants of its country.
the Taiwan leader asserts that about 400 rockets is placed along east pobrezhja China and annually this number increases by 50 additional rockets. According to Chen Shujbjanja, it poses threat not only for Taiwan, but also for stability in Asian - Pacific region. The head of administration of island also has urged Beijing to change a policy concerning Taiwan and not to try to force to unite force of inhabitants with China .

According to observers, marks RIA News from Kuala - Lumpur, it already the prevention second for last three day Chen Shujbjanja concerning the Chinese rockets established in immediate proximity from Taiwan. Chen Shujbjan has once again called the Chinese management for the decision of problems behind a table of peace talks. As it is known, earlier Beijing rejected all previous offers of the Taiwan leader on meetings.