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the Kosovan stage vessels over Milosevic it is finished

the International tribunal on affairs of the former Yugoslavia has heard indications of last witnesses on business eks - president SRJU of Slobadan Milosevic. The first part of the process, concerning Milosevic`s charges in crimes in Kosovo has come to the end with it.
as transfers Associated Press, on September, 10th, on 95 - j day of hearings has acted 124 - j the witness, military expert Phillip Ku. In the indications he has declared that Milosevic, undoubtedly, bears responsibility for death of hundreds persons in edge Kosovo.

after the fortnight break necessary for studying of collected materials, investigation will proceed, and the court will be engaged zaslushivaniem the indications mentioning earlier events in Croatia and Bosnia in 1991 - 95 While the former Yugoslavian leader rejects all charges, asserting that only protected interests of the Serbian people.

the Court over the former president of Yugoslavia has begun on February, 12th, 2002, in 8 months after Slobadan Milosevic has been delivered to the Hague from Belgrad. Judicial hearings on business are spent not more often than two times a week as medical examination has shown that 61 - summer Milosevic is on the verge of a heart attack.