Rus News Journal

In the east of Afghanistan there is begun operation Kondor

on May, 18th the representative of the British contingent general Roger Lejn on air base has declared to Hooks that the day before in the east of Afghanistan in a province of Paktija special action in which participate to thousand military men of the international safety force with support of aircraft of the USA has begun.
large-scale operation code-named Kondor passes in mountain district at height of 2400 m. the operation Purpose - destruction of insurgents Al - Kaidy and Talibs.

as general Lejn has declared, forces of the opponent are rather considerable.

operation Kondor has begun after the patrol of the Australian commandoes has got under strong fire of insurgents. On bombardment the second group of Australians which has come the first on a gain has got also. In the fastened fight some insurgents have been killed. Disengage lost-free the Australian members of spetsnaz could only after it the aircraft of the USA to the aid has come.

the representative of army of the USA major Bryan Hilferti has noticed that concentrated in Paktii in a disctrict of the city the Host of division of peacemakers is surpassed considerably by forces of the opponent that will allow to suppress its resistance.

representatives of the local Afghani authorities have declared that the day before as a result of bombing attacks of aircraft of the USA, were lost not less than 10 civilians.