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To the USA to the manufacturer of mobile phones

the claim is submitted To court of the State of Maryland the claim on $800 million to the manufacturer of mobile phones is submitted. The claimant asserts that phone which it used in 1992 - 1998, became the reason of cancer disease.
in court doctor Christopher Newman has addressed. He considers that analogue mobile phones cause cancer tumours of a brain. After operation on tumour removal the right ear Newman has gone blind on one eye, began to suffer partial loss of memory and speech.

as respondents under the claim, except the manufacturer of mobile phones - the American company Motorola, the companies, rendering services of mobile communication in the State of Maryland act.

as transfers RIA News till the end of September the judge of federal district court in capital of state of Baltimore declares a date started of hearings.

on September, 10th Newman`s lawyers have informed that their position is supported with the new research recently finished in Sweden. Known Swedish oncologist Lennart Hardell, having surveyed 1,6 thousand sick of a brain cancer, has made the conclusion that at the people, using cellular telephones, risk of occurrence of a tumour of a brain on 30 % above, than for people who do not use such phones.