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The Javlinsky has approved Putin`s foreign policy

the Party leader the Apple has extended in connection with an anniversary of acts of terrorism on September, 11th in the USA the statement in which named the NATO the inefficient organisation and Vladimir Putin`s position in foreign policy correct and clear .
in New York and Washington Grigory Javlinsky considers Acts of terrorism a signal to mankind which has reminded of necessity to solve the basic problem of the XXI-st century - growing rupture between poverty, life deterioration, reduction of its duration, illnesses in the countries the Third world on the one hand, and security and prosperity in the developed countries, with another.

thus, according to the main thing jablochnika all efforts of the USA on fight against terrorism for the last year have not given essential results. Instead All have seen that the NATO - inefficient military - the political organisation that relations between the USA and Europe not so are cloudless, as it seemed earlier that the USA in many questions try to follow the policy separately from the international community . But, as Grigory Javlinsky marks, this year has brought appreciable foreign policy dividends of Russia, whose authority on international scene has grown thanks to a correct and clear position in foreign policy, which was occupied with the president (Putin-) .

the Main result of the last year, according to Grigory Javlinsky, consists that problems became clearer, their complexity was bared and it is necessary to approach their decision . In general: Our purposes are clear, problems are defined - for work, companions!