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In a staff - NATO apartment there has passed mourning ceremony

In Bruxelles at the mourning ceremony devoted to anniversary of acts of terrorism on September, 11th, the secretary general of an alliance George Robertson and the American ambassador at the NATO Nicolas Burns have acted with short speeches.
Robertson has declared: Terrorists have not achieved the wished. Instead of collision of civilisations the whole world has rallied against the general threat more strong, than when - or earlier. However we yet have not won this war. The world should follow the lead now of the previous generations which struggled against totalitarianism, and to prepare for long struggle . The secretary general of the NATO has called for preservation and unity strengthening on this way. He has noted necessity to resist to threat of weapons of mass destruction, which gives possibility to terrorists and to modes - to derelicts to commit even more awful crimes against our people .

As transfers RIA News Robertson has used a case and has once again declared necessity of participation of the North Atlantic alliance for a present political situation. 50 years of the NATO united both parties of Atlantic in cold war which neither the North America, nor Europe could not win alone. In 2002 of the NATO on - former unites both parties of Atlantic in struggle against today`s threats. The alliance is necessary for preservation of stability and safety in this region and behind its limits - he has underlined.