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Novosibirsk raketchikam have allowed to light

In Novosibirsk the ensign of one of military units Guards Gluhovsky krasnoznamennoj divisions of rocket strategic forces (RVSN) Evgenie Pogruzhin is detained. According to field investigators, it not only traded in drugs, but also about one year used their itself, appearing on watch in a condition of narcotic intoxication. The unique division of guards in country RVSN into which the rocket parts bearing fighting watch enter some, is in settlement Pashino. In its structure five rocket regiments on which arms there are fighting rocket complexes the Poplar . The division has been generated on the basis of an artillery division of break of the Reserve of the Commander-in-chief which took part in fights for Stalingrad, on the Kursk arch, at clearing of Poland. Connection has been awarded Lenin, Suvorov`s awards, Khmelnitskiy. And in 1999 has won first place among self-propelled starting connections of installations RVSN and it has been awarded by a pendant of the commander-in-chief of rocket strategic forces.

detention of the technician of automatic control systems, the ensign of one of military units of a division of Evgenie Pogruzhina can become a stain on faultless until recently to reputation of connection. The ensign has got To working out of military counterspionage of FSB and Novosibirsk management of the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances several months ago. Under the operative data, Pogruzhin not only itself smoked marihuana and time and again left in a condition of narcotic intoxication on watch, but also supplied with hemp of the colleagues. Field investigators have developed operation on detention of the guardsman. To take the ensign have solved with polichnym.

On Wednesday right after watches, hardly leaving for a check point, Evgenie Pogruzhin has sold for 300 roubles a bag with marihuana to the colleague. Numbers of denominations which that has given Pogruzhinu, have been preliminary copied, and the ensign have detained. It has not rendered any resistance. Except money at it have found two more bags with hemp in weight about 20 grammes. Field investigators say that the drugs withdrawn from the guardsman would suffice on 30 persons.

on interrogation Pogruzhin has declared that except marihuana which it consumes some months, other drugs did not try. It denies charge in sale of marihuana. According to Pogruzhina, it spent for drugs about 1 thousand rbl. a month. It hammered in hemp into cigarettes or smoked through a hookah which has made of a polyethylene bottle. As have told in Novosibirsk regional management of the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances, except article UK about sale of drugs accusation in washing up of illegally acquired capitals is brought to the ensign: according to field investigators, on obtained from sale of drugs of means it has got an expensive mobile phone.

As have informed in military Office of Public Prosecutor, Evgenie Pogruzhin is released under a subscription about nevyezde and to keep him under guard there is no necessity: ostensibly accused served on a communication centre and to to the nuclear button no admission had. In command of a division the fact of detention of the ensign have not confirmed and have refused to make comments on its bringing to criminal liability, having explained to employment by spent doctrines.