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Alexander Pokryshkin has pressed dealers

the Mayoralty of Novosibirsk has started liquidation of the ware market on Marx`s area - the biggest in a city left bank. On a place of trading numbers by May, 9th plan to establish a monument to the glorified military pilot Alexander Pokryshkinu. Trading numbers already move to under construction entertaining centre, and definitively to clean them from the area is planned in June, 2005 when in operation the new shopping centre nearby will be put. It is offered to dealers to rent the areas in it or to get over on other ware markets. the Ware market on Marx`s area has arisen spontaneously in the beginning of 1992 near to not completed building of a recreation centre “ Sibselmasha “. In the mid-nineties long-term construction has got concern “ SBS - 308 “. Simultaneously the concern has received for the period of building of a building and the right of rent of the ground area on which trade was conducted. Building time for completion all time moved, and the mayoralty some times prodljala the lease contract given “ ΡΑΡ-308 “ the ground area.

yesterday the chief of department of trade of administration of Lenin area Tamara Krasakova has informed “ “ that the mayoralty has decided to close the ware market on Marx`s area. As she said, now in the area centre clear away from trading numbers a place for a monument to Alexander Pokryshkinu. For this purpose about the third part of trading places (273 from 730) move on area suburb where from street Pokryshkina the parking place and territory for agricultural fairs are located. But on a new place dealers will stay only till June, 2005. To this term the present owner of the market concern “ ΡΑΡ-308 “ should complete on Marx`s area from street Pokryshkina a 6-storeyed building the area of 22 thousand in sq. m in which the top floors are taken away under a parking, and two bottom (7,3 thousand sq.) - under floor spaces. “ There the majority of dealers " also will move; - Tamara Krasakova is assured. She says that the most part of owners of shops in the market has already concluded contracts about rent of the areas as in a building which is under construction “ ΡΑΡ-308 “ and in new shopping centre which to the areas is erected by the company “ the Granite “. According to madam Krasakovoj, on a number of trading platforms of a city (a trading complex “ Left-bank “ the markets Hiloksky, Dimitrovsky, Lenin, etc.) That who loses places on Marx`s area, are ready to offer in rent of 4,5 thousand free trading places.

the financial director “ ΡΑΡ-308 “ Michael Razinkin has confirmed “ “ the information that the mayoralty has solved not prodljat more term of the lease of the ground area and it will lead to closing of the ware market by summer of 2005. As he said, the concern rents a site in 3,96 hectares; from them of 1 hectare occupies the market on which the quantity of trading places reached 1,5 thousand Payment for a trading place the area of 5-6 sq. m makes in the ware market from 1,5 to 5,3 thousand rbl. a month. As he said, in a 6-storeyed building under construction by concern in the street Pokryshkina will be 600 trading places and already there is a preliminary arrangement on delivery of the lion`s share from them in rent on 7,5 thousand rbl. a month for a place. Mister Razinkin asserts that the building will be placed in operation in June-July, 2005. It estimates expenses for its building approximately in 100 million rbl.

As has informed “ “ the director “ the Granite “ Evgenie Jakuba, the company plans to place the shopping centre in operation in second half of 2005. The centre total area will make 8 thousand in sq. m, from them 4,2 thousand in sq. m is given under trade. As he said, the company has a preliminary arrangement on delivery of a part of the areas in rent, but whether there are among the future tenants those who owns shops in the market, it does not know: “ We are not interested, whence to us come “.

round a monument the mayoralty intends to start an accomplishment of a site on April, 15th, 2005. As Boris Guber, to this term " tells the deputy chief of central administrative board of an accomplishment and gardening of the mayoralty; ΡΑΡ-308 “ should release territory from trading numbers.