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The Astrakhan deputies have decided to double

Yesterday deputies of the State Duma of the Astrakhan region have approved in definitive reading of the amendment to the regional Charter which increase regional parliament twice - with 29 to 58 deputies. Developers believe that thus they have executed will of the federal legislator which demands to choose half of regional parliament under party lists. Political scientists consider that actually so operating deputies want to try to reserve places. For the first time the Astrakhan members of parliament have lifted a question on doubling of deputy structure of the regional State Duma in the spring of last year. As an occasion position of the federal law " has served; About the basic guarantees of suffrages (the law has come into force on July, 14th, 2003), ordering henceforth to select 50 % of deputies of regional thoughts on lists and 50 % - on one-mandatory districts. In the spring of 2004 the group of 24 members of parliament has introduced the bill About modification of article 17 of the Charter of the Astrakhan region which suggested not to change quantity of election districts (29), and simply to add as much the deputies selected under party lists.
this idea has found resistance at a regional branch of executive power. Governor Anatoly Guzhvin of that time has declared that doubling of a regional thought will lead to excessive loading on the regional budget. As a result in some months the bill has been ruined in the second reading - for it the smaller quantity of deputies has voted, than it is required for acceptance of amendments in the Charter (two thirds of list structure).
Repeatedly the bill four deputies - three independent and one member of Union of Right Forces have brought already all. Simultaneously the administration of the Astrakhan region and group of people`s choices led by the head of the Duma association of United Russia party members Vitaly Kurskovym have brought two more alternative bills. In them it was offered to make parliament of following convocation consisting of 40 deputies. However at session GDAO in October, 2004 the first reading there has passed only the bill with the offer on doubling.
yesterday deputies have considered this bill in the second and definitive reading. Members of parliament have agreed and with idea doubling and, at all without listening to the report of developers of the project, have passed to ballot procedure. On its results it was found out that the initiative support 23 of 25 people`s choices.
Alexander Bashkin has explained necessity of doubling of the deputy case to that it is demanded all the same by the federal legislator, but also, as a result after elections in GDAO in 2006 in parliament there will be a political debate place. In opinion mister Bashkina who, besides presidency in the Duma committee, is the chairman of regional branch of the Union of the right forces, at small parties remains possibility to spend as much as possible the representatives to parliament.
however observers are convinced that deputies were guided by other aspiration - to provide to themselves possibility of unobstructed passage to the following structure of a thought elections in which will take place in 2006. actually it is a question only of possibility to keep the places in a thought to deputies of present convocation at whom at the quantity of places increased twice the probability to be the elite " twice increases; - local political scientist Alexander Vasilev considers.
Members of parliament have refused a referendum Deputies of the State Duma of the Astrakhan region at yesterday`s session recognised as not corresponding to the federal legislation the initiative of the Astrakhan branch of the Union of the right forces about carrying out of a regional referendum. The question which it was offered to answer inhabitants of area, concerned possibility of direct national elections of the governor. To inhabitants of area should solve - whether they that the system of national elections remained want. we not essentially against a new order of election of heads of subjects of the Russian Federation. Simply we consider that the people have forgotten to ask - the chairman of regional branch of the Union of the right forces, the chairman of profile committee of a thought Alexander Bashkin has explained the reason of entering of the initiative. In conversation with the correspondent it has explained that the similar initiative is now brought in electoral committees of 52 subjects of Federation, and already in five or six regional members of parliament have rejected it for the identical reason - having specified that the question is already resolved by the federal legislation. After in the majority of regions the initiative will be rejected, Alexander Bashkin has declared, the party will address with the complaint in the Constitutional court.