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Miners will be put to turkey-cocks

Yesterday by Open Companies evrodon has started first stage building ptitsekompleksa on cultivation of turkeys on technology of Israeli firm M. A. D. Developing Agricultural Projects Ltd, designed capacity of 63 thousand t meat in a year. Financing of the project in cost of 31,7 million euro will carry out Vneshtorgbank of the Russian Federation which have signed two credit agreements with French bank BNP Paribas. Prospective term of its recoupment - 7 years. Its exit on designed capacity will give the chance to organise in addition 1700 workplaces.
as the general director of Open Company " has informed ; evrodon Vadim Vaneev, financing of the project in cost of 31,7 million euro carries out Vneshtorgbank of the Russian Federation. In VTB have specified that it is the first investment project which financing is made under an insurance covering - each mastered monetary tranche is mortgaging maintenance of the future tranche. The insurance covering of the transaction has presented the Israeli export insurance agency IFTRIC.

Mister Vaneev has declared that today in the Russian market of strong contenders at its company practically is not present. Some enterprises, and volumes of their manufacture - in the sum about 10 thousand tons a year are engaged in manufacture of meat of a turkey of all - are not comparable to market capacity - about 200 thousand tons. The basic a share indjushatiny on the Russian market is delivered from the USA, Brazil and Europe.

now in Russia consumption of meat of a turkey makes less than one kg on the person in a year (in Israel this indicator is equal 16 kg, in Europe - 5 kg, in the USA - 8 kg). According to the president of company M. A. D. Mory the groove, introduction in a system of the first stage of factory in the Rostov region will allow to increase manufacture indjushachego meat in Russia twice. The complex is located in territory of October rural area and partially in the Mine city (cases of the former factory elektrotransmash ) . Its exit on designed capacity will give the chance to organise in addition 1700 workplaces. As have informed in a press - service evrodona the first stage ptitsekompleksa includes building of an incubator which will be finished in December of current year, in the second turn will erect kombikormovyj shop, in the third - lethal shop. All building is planned to finish by the end of 2006. It will consist of 10 objects which will be united by uniform technological process - from inkubirovanija before deep processing of meat. It is planned that egg of turkeys will be is delivered from Europe, and own herd this year will start to plant in Rodionovo - Nesvetajsky area of the Rostov region. The maximum time of recovery of outlay of the project calculated with the account 10% of a financial log makes 7 years.

it is interesting that Open Company evrodon It is registered in October rural area of the Rostov region, instead of in a city of Mine being nearby, where it, according to the regional law About priority development of miner`s territories could count on tax and other privileges. According to mister Vaneeva, he does not intend to re-register it in Mines as the privileges promised by these law for the tax for property, for profit and clearing of payment of the transport tax in the sum will give economy no more than 600-700 thousand roubles a year. And it, in its opinion, is not necessary to join in long efforts as agreed re-registrations in head office VTB.