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The court has left in Perm one electoral committee

Yesterday the Perm regional court has satisfied the claim of a municipal duma of Perm and recognised as illegal the decision of regional election committee from February, 8th about the beginning of formation of the Perm municipal electoral committee. It means that period of validity of election committee of Perm expires only in August, 2005, instead of summer of 2004 on what insisted regional election committee. Position about the Perm city election committee (GIK) has been confirmed by the Perm municipal duma in June, 2000. According to the document, the commission term of appointment has made four years - as much, how many and a term of appointment of the thought. In half a year the new deputy case selected already for five years, has prolonged a term of appointment of municipal electoral committee till 2005.
in November of last year in Lenin district court the claim from the head of regional branch of party " has arrived; the Apple Alexander Zotina who has challenged legality of prolongation of a term of appointment of municipal electoral committee till 2005. According to the applicant, GIK should stop the work even in the summer of 2004, but the court has stopped manufacture on business, without having seen in prolongation of powers of infringement of suffrages of the claimant. At the same time, in December gorduma declared the beginning of formation new GIK.
Unexpectedly mister Zotina was supported by regional election committee (OIK), acting in court the third party. The regional election committee has solved, what exactly it should form new structure of the city commission, instead of a municipal duma which ostensibly has not had time to make it in time. OIK has appealed against against the decision gordumy about the beginning of formation of municipal electoral committee in Leninsk regional court therefore the court in quality obespechitelnoj measures has suspended commission formation.
on February, 8th, 2005 regional election committee, without waiting regional court decisions, declared that starts to form independently GIK Perm (it has been generated on March, 15th, thus the commission structure was completely updated. - ). This decision has been there and then challenged by a municipal duma in regional court. And members operating GIK have declared that will work till August, 2005 even if thus the regional election committee will generate the GIK.
three-day hearings on this business Yesterday have ended. The regional court has completely satisfied requirements of claimants, recognised the decision of regional election committee from February, 8th illegal and has defined term of the operating city commission as five years`. After some hours the current situation has been discussed at session OIK.
Our decision is void, - committee-man Dmitry Polozkov has sadly informed. - the Motivation part will be ready only 29 - go numbers, therefore, on what the court refers, is not clear yet . The Committee-man Luzin`s Love has there and then suggested colleagues to cancel the publication in mass-media of the information that the municipal electoral committee is already generated (after the publication the decision on formation comes into force. - ). We can not do it, after all the judgement has not entered yet validity - mister Polozkov has offered in the answer. you that, want, that we again fools looked?! - Luzin`s madam was indignant. - the judgement is, all and so it is clear .
On it committee-men wanted to stop discussion of a question, however here to them the lawyer gordumy Dmitry Polygalov, in the past also a member of regional election committee has addressed. in court you often referred to practical expediency, but no political interests can justify law infringement - the lawyer has triumphantly declared. after such ardent speech I should comment, - committee-man Alexander Filippov has stood up for honour OIK. Is a decision only the first instance, especially in court there were some points at issue!
In interview Phillip`s mister has declared that the decision on, whether will be challenged the yesterday`s decision of regional court, it is not accepted yet. All will depend that will be in the motivation decision - the member of regional election committee has explained.
according to Dmitry Polygalova to appeal against against a judgement the regional election committee has some chances. For three days in court two representatives of a thought, two members of municipal electoral committee have been heard - all of us put different arguments to own advantage. Especially on our party there was a regional Office of Public Prosecutor - the lawyer considers. The secretary of regional election committee Alexander Smertin has declared that the decision of the commission on formation of new municipal electoral committee nevertheless will be published. the strip has been already imposed also number already printed. That is from tomorrow in a city it will be formal two election committees while the judgement will not enter validity, and taking into account all appeals it will occur not earlier, than in one and a half month - mister Smertin has informed. Thus he has noticed that is not clear yet what of the commissions will conduct a spadework to elections of deputies Perm gordumy, appointed to December of this year. formally it turns out that both commissions can be engaged in it. We will hope that the question nevertheless will be resolved as fast as possible and in a course of preparation of elections will not be reflected - the secretary of regional election committee has declared.