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Oboronka blocks streets

Yesterday about two thousand workers of the Penza federal state unitary enterprise (FGUP) Factory elektronno - computer facilities (EVT) left on spontaneous meeting, having blocked the transport highways conducting in northern part of a city. Workers of factory protested against possible privatisation of FGUP EVT for which as they consider, costs the leader of Petersburg criminal grouping Vagif Mamishev . Yesterday in Penza the spontaneous protest action organised by employees of FGUP EVT has taken place. About two thousand persons have blocked Gagarin`s streets and Bajdukova, completely having blocked a traffic in northern part of a city where there is a number large industrial and trade enterprises, and also departure on a federal highway Moscow - Samara . Participants of the action held a meeting about thirty minutes then have gone on a meeting with hastily arrived to a place of event by representatives of the government of the Penza region. As it became known , the protest action has not been authorised by local authorities. The information on the future change of the general director of FGUP EVT became the reason of spontaneous indignation holding a meeting.
FGUP factory elektronno - computer facilities is one of the largest defensive enterprises of Penza, carrying out strategic orders for needs of the Ministry of Defence. In variety of the coded industrial directions factory EVT is a monopolist. The enterprise completely belongs to the state. At factory works about 2,5 thousand persons. Conversion manufacture in which frameworks of FGUP EVT lets out various home appliances and technics for the house under company DeLonghi licence actively develops. As the chairman of trade-union committee of the enterprise Vladimir Zhiharev has told , period of validity of the contract with the general director of FGUP EVT Vladimir Revunovym has ended on March, 19th. At present mister Revunov is in holiday, duties of the general director are executed by its assistant Vladimir Stepanov. The chairman of factory trade-union committee has explained that some months prior to the termination of term of the contract Vladimir Revunov some times received offers to carry out illegal privatisation of FGUP EVT by its transformation to joint-stock company. After mister Revunov has rejected these offers, to it have threatened to solve a question on - to another and have promised to appoint to its place of other, more appeasable head . Vladimir Zhiharev has explained that doubtful offers and threats proceeded from The Petersburg criminal grouping Vagifa Mamisheva and now, apparently, the situation develops under the scenario developed in criminal community . the State refuses to prolong the contract with Vladimir Revunovym, offering on its place of the people who absolutely not are not understanding specificity manufacture - mister Zhiharev has declared . The chairman of trade-union committee considers that appointment of the new general director will inevitably lead to the further illegal privatisation of munitions factory and its plundering whereas now FGUP EVT has no debts and works quite stably. not casually to support the director there was a most part of workers of factory. People are afraid to lose work, are afraid that the defensive enterprise will pass to underworld - Vladimir Zhiharev has told . We will notice that Vagif Mamishev is the chairman of board of directors of the incorporated industrial enterprises of St.-Petersburg. Into this association enters six mechanical and electromechanical enterprises of northern capital.
making comments on a situation, zamrukovoditelja Territorial administration of Federal agency on management of federal property Anatoly Grufkin has informed that in plans of privatisation for 2005 of FGUP EVT is not registered. Also mister Grufkin admitted that about the situation which have developed at factory and about the taken place spontaneous meeting he hears for the first time and has learnt about it from the correspondent , therefore to do any conclusions considers premature.
Vitse - the governor of the Penza region Alexander Chernitsov supervising sphere of the industry, considers that a protest action is beyond a legal field . At a meeting with the labour collective FGUP EVT, taken place at once after meeting, mister Chernitsov has promised to return to consideration of numerous references of workers of factory and to spend careful check of a current situation . To receive any comments from mister Mamisheva yesterday it was not possible.
Following the results of the action to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, heads of FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministries of Defence, and also abreast other federal structures has left the letter with the requirement to stop privatisation of FGUP EVT. Under the reference has subscribed about two thousand workers of factory.