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UMZ the general director of the Ulyanovsk mechanical factory (UMZ) Anatoly Gorin gets rid of superfluous hands

Yesterday declared future staff reduction at the enterprise headed by it. By data , plan to reduce 18 % of labour collective, that is nearby 1200 persons. Also mister Gorin intends to get rid completely of factory objects of social sphere, having transferred them to balance of municipality of Ulyanovsk. In turn, the authorities of Ulyanovsk are afraid that these measures can lead to heat of social conditions in region. Open Society the Ulyanovsk mechanical factory - the former state unitary enterprise, aktsionirovano in 2003. The basic shareholder - holding Diamond - Antej . Makes means of antiaircraft defence - self-propelled it is antiaircraft - rocket complexes the Beech Shilka and Tunguska And also consumer goods (mainly, electronic devices of household and medical appointment). At factory works about 7 thousand persons. Under the information , the discontent with a policy spent by management UMZ, workers of factory have started to express in 2004. The special commission of the Ulyanovsk regional Office of Public Prosecutor has started to inspect under complaints of employees of the enterprise in July of last year, and on August, 19th the salaries revolted with regular nonpayment workers have spent a protest action, having blocked the central streets of Ulyanovsk. As it was found out as a result of public prosecutor`s check, the debts sum under the salary worker UMZ makes about hundred millions roubles, while the former general director UMZ Vyacheslav Abanin by assignment and waste of another`s property with use of office position has caused to factory a damage over 80 million roubles. Now has passed already two judicial sessions on criminal case the defendant in which is mister Abanin. We will remind, holding Diamond - Antej has discharged the former general director of a post in the beginning of September of last year, having familiarised with conclusions of the commission of regional Office of Public Prosecutor, and in November the consequence has been finished, and criminal case - is transferred in court.
yesterday present general director UMZ Anatoly Gorin on council of the Ulyanovsk municipal duma has informed members of parliament that factory mass reductions of workers in the near future expect. Besides, the director declared the intention to transfer to balance of municipality all objects of the social sphere which are on balance UMZ. Deputies gordumy intend to consider this question at the nearest session, but as it became known , now management UMZ is not ready to fulfil all requirements put under the law connected with transfer of welfare projects on balance of a city. As have explained in the mayoralty of Ulyanovsk, besides transfer of objects, the factory should list into accounts of municipality a sum of money on their annual maintenance, but representatives of factory refuse to pay the money put under the law . Possibly, the question at issue will be considered at session of board of directors of holding Diamond - Antej .
answering a question on scales of future staff reduction, the reviewer of general director UMZ Yury Belov has explained that from factory will be dismissed about 18 % of workers. Basically reduction will concern the departments which are engaged housing - with municipal services, but, probably, it is necessary to dismiss and a part engineering - technicians. conversations on it go already about half a year. We do not want to dismiss the personnel, but the volume of work which is carried out by factory now, simply does not allow to contain such quantity of people - mister Belov has told.
As it became known , the chairman Ulyanovsk gordumy Vasily Gvozdev has addressed in administration of the region with the request to interfere with a situation, not to admit heat of social conditions in region. Zamglavy regional administration Alexander Pinkov to whom has addressed for comments, has explained that the regional power together with a holding management Diamond - Antej have already developed the program of re-structuring of the mechanical factory which overall objective - to keep UMZ and to carry out reforms with the least losses. undoubtedly, reduction of volumes of the state defensive order became the reason of the crisis which has captured the enterprise. But we hope to restructure factory and not to admit thus deterioration of social conditions in Ulyanovsk. At least, the problem before owners of the enterprise and authorities costs such - mister Pinkov has declared .