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March - a throw towards the centre

Yesterday Kursk group of the enterprises Gotek declared the beginning of building of factory on manufacture of packing from a corrugated cardboard in Novomoskovsk (the Tula area). For project realisation attraction of investments at a rate of a $10 million order is expected, of 20 % will make own means of them, the rest - credits of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation. Gotek has decided to place factory in Novomoskovsk to come nearer to the basic consumers of production, in particular - companies Procter and Gamble.

Group of the enterprises Gotek (Zheleznogorsk Kursk area) - one of leading players in the packing market. It includes four enterprises - Joint-Stock Company Gotek Joint-Stock Company polipak Joint-Stock Company Gotek - the Print Joint-Stock Company Gotek - Litar . The company lets out wide assortment of packing production from a corrugated cardboard, the formed paper weight, from a cardboard and plastic with offset printing, flexible packing materials. The group occupies 12 % of the market gofroproduktsii, 22 % of the market of a polyethylene film with the press, 31 % of the market kashirovannogo a microcorrugated cardboard, 22 % of the market of packing from paper moulding. The net profit of group following the results of 2004 has made $6,9 million As have explained at the enterprise, Gotek has settled potential of the development in Kursk area. except transport restrictions which exist in area, the considerable role is played by low dynamics of development of economy Is central - region Chernozemnogo - the general director of Joint-Stock Company " has explained; Gotek Yury Alpeev, having added that development of Chernozem region lags behind on rates the centre, severo - the West, the Volga region. The platform in the Tula area for building of new factory has been chosen because Tula - certain The middle of the Central federal district where many branches " most dynamically develop;.

the Chairman of board of directors of Joint-Stock Company Gotek Vladimir Chujkov has noticed that in Novomoskovsk one of the largest strategic clients of group - company Procter and Gamble works (owns a controlling interest of industrial complex of Open Company prokter end Gembl - Novomoskovsk - the manufacturer of synthetic washing-up liquids). As long-term potential customers of new factory personal computer Open Societies " are considered; Baltic - Tula Open Company JUnilever the CIS (Tula), Joint-Stock Company Kraft Fuds Rus (Cover) and other enterprises. at the expense of factory building in Novomoskovsk essential reduction of specific expenses for manufacture, reduction of a cost of transportation, share increase in deliveries to existing clients, and also attraction of new partners " is planned; - mister Chujkov has informed. As he said, it will lead to substantial increase of capitalisation of group.

according to the chief of department of investments of department of the finance of Joint-Stock Company Gotek - Invest Andrey Klochkova, on project financing it is planned to involve investments at a rate of $10 million, of which $2 million will make own means, the rest - the credit resources, given It is central - Chernozemnym bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation. At the first stage designed capacity of factory will make an order of 18 million sq. metres gofroproduktsii till the end of 2005. Factory start is planned in August - September, 2005. As project head Igor Barchukov has informed, now there is an installation of a skeleton of a building from metallokonstruktsy, the exit on a total power is expected by 2006. As he said, building is conducted by Open Company company Gotek - the Center the assignee of Open Company the Terminal Service redeemed Gotekom in 2004.

project Realization is carried out within the limits of the planned geographical expansion of the company to Moscow Region, Central and Severo - Western regions. The basic competitors Goteka in the market gofroproduktsii - Open Society Arhbum Joint-Stock Company Gofron Joint-Stock Company NP Naberezhno - Chelninsky KBK Stora Enso - do not make comments on the group initiative. The senior adviser auditorsko - consulting group Development business - systems Nikolay Kuchugin has explained that the reason of geographical expansion Goteka has served rapid growth of the market of packing . Under forecasts of analysts, mid-annual growth of the market gofroproduktsii in Russia during the period with 2004 - go for 2006 will make 12 % in natural and 14 % in money terms. According to mister Kuchugina, the high competition in the market attracts increase of qualitative level of packing, and economic tendencies - increase in a share of more expensive kinds of the packing which basic consumers are in Moscow and St.-Petersburg.

as the expert considers, desire Goteka to be is more subcentral obviously, essential impact cannot make on the further development of the company even raw dependence of group on its competitors which have own raw-material base.