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The star flatterer

Within the limits of festival the Fashion and style in a photo in Gallery of arts of Zurab Tsereteli the retrospective exhibition of Villi Ritstso presented by London gallery Eric Franck Fine Arts with support PIO GLOBAL has opened. Ability of the Frenchman to flatter the models has estimated ALVINA - HARCHENKO.
the Familiar photographer as - that complained of how heavy to work with customers whom take out yes submit own beautiful a portrait: Simply before a background them you will not plant - boringly, and with itself(himself) nobody wants experiments! with models which from the person with the chamber demand not flight of art thought but only that it have made beautifully, and truth one trouble. Especially if it is movie stars of a female with foolish character and confidence that they know, how it is necessary to brush them in a shot. Career of Villi Ritstso - an example of satiety of wolves against comfortable life of sheep: All life he managed to remove whimsical celebrities so that the result arranged both models, and the photographer.

the genre in which it has appeared so is successful mister Ritstso, it would be possible to name a complementary portrait. Any of photos from an exhibition ideally would look in a make-up room of the most embodied star or on prikrovatnoj to a bedside table young fanatki. For frameworks of a public image of the characters of Villi Ritstso prefers not to leave; in the borders defined by the model to it, apparently, is much more comfortable. Unique not matching image portretiruemogo a picture at an exhibition - one of photos Merilin of Monroe. Close up - pergidrolnaja a lock, a defenceless eye, a half-smile. The simple-minded blonde is easier for accepting for the housewife, than for sex - a symbol of America. But such discrepancies for Villi Ritstso - a rarity. Exceptions only confirm its rule to allow models to play that role which she wants; And in the following photo of Monroe again the languid kitty professionally purring for millions of men.

to itself except camera mister Ritstso leaves a role of the costume designer. That the picture looked pozhivee, the photographer uses various accessories. To a course there are cigars (as well as on glorified Ritstso to cover Paris Match with Winston Churchill), hats, pistols, wives and dogs. Dogs in a shot appear so often and successfully that can be considered as one of firm receptions of the author. The most charming photo from dog series - a portrait of Porfirio Rubirozy with a dwarfish pinscher. Not less, than a tiny doggie on a shoulder of the owner, Bruce Willis is cheerful also. Its chamber has overtaken in a shower, but intimacy of a situation of the actor at all has not confused: in a photo a tough nut laps under water in one polyethylene hat, smiling from ear to ear. As Brizhit Bardo posing for Ritstso on all fours shines, radiate content itself Douglas Fairbanks, Ashes Cooper and Jack Nicholson. In general to fly into a rage from a positive it is possible already to the exhibition middle.

it is obvious that the genre of a portrait for a dressing table demands some priukrashivanija a reality. But the desire which has expanded to the whole hall of Ritstso to see in life only good, to put it mildly, tyres. Looking at those whom the photographer nasnimal for some tens years, you start to doubt that he basically is capable to pay attention to losers or, God forbid, freaks. Utopianism of the world of the Frenchman where someone is young, someone is young-looking, but all without an exception are beautiful, rich and well-known, by quantity of works at an exhibition is underlined even more. Are allocated among others all steam neformatnyh portraits. One - the well-known close up with El Salvador Distances hiding the person behind magnifiers, another - it is black - Marlene Dietrich`s sitting on a floor in the company of a cigarette and a player of phonograph records white photo. However, netipichnost these pictures can speak at all desire of mister Ritstso to grope a new method. Simply and seeming to the world the madman of the Distance, and snow queen Dietrich have worked hard to be allocated against all other. And Villi Ritstso was never a pity to remove model in the image chosen and embodied her.