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Game rules

the Government of Spain declared that in April four ship-building factories, belonging to the state company Izar will be exposed on sale. This second-large ship-building company in Europe endures the difficult period from - for low demand for passenger vessels. In 2000 - 2002 the government of Spain has listed it $1,82 mlrd to the state help (see from October, 25th, 2004). However the Eurocommission recognised that $702 million from them have been allocated illegally, and has demanded to return to their state. Besides, the company should return and that help which it received till 2000. By sale of four ship-building factories Izar hopes to receive means for return of the state help received over the last ten years, in total more than $1,3 billion six More shipyards belonging Izar, in January have been translated in separate company New Izar which remains under government control. In connection with privatisation of four shipyards will be reduced about 4 thousand from 10,8 thousand working on them the person.
FIAT reduces directors
the Management of Italian concern FIAT declared resignation of the chief executive of the automobile company of Maserati of Martin Licha. Its post will be occupied with chief executive Alfa Romeo Charles Hajnts Kalbfel. According to management FIAT, overall performance of Maserati and Alfa Romeo is quite enough to raise one chief executive. On the threshold of this appointment last week FIAT has deduced Maserati from division of Ferrari and declared that henceforth Maserati will work more closely with Alfa Romeo, keeping thus communications with Ferrari in technological and commercial spheres. Mister Kalbfel has headed Alfa Romeo in January where it has passed from a post of the general director of Rolls-Royce. Mister Lich before heading the European branch of Ford Motor, worked in Maserati since May, 2004. It already the second high-ranking manager of the company who have left the company for last two weeks. Last week has left the post head of Fiat Auto Herbert Demel. Shifts are carried out within the limits of the program of re-structuring after rupture of relations with the American concern GM.

Seiko Epson and Toshiba change presidents
the Second-large manufacturer in the world of jet printers - Japanese corporation Seiko Epson declared forthcoming change of the president. On April, 1st present president Saburo Kusama will pass to a post of the chairman of board of directors. It will be replaced by Sejdzi Hanaoka who has worked in the company of 30 years and now is the executive vice-president. As analysts consider, thanks to it Seiko Epson became the second in the world after Hewlett - Packard the manufacturer of jet printers, and also the leading manufacturer of liquid crystal displays for mobile phones.

similar shifts have occurred and in other Japanese company - Toshiba, electronic production making wide assortment: from electronic systems for nuclear installations to the hard disks used in musical players iPod of company Apple Computer. The executive vice-president of company Atsutosi Nisida who have worked in Toshiba 30 years, will hold a post of the president. Its predecessor Tadasi Okamura will pass to a post of the chairman of board of directors.

the declaration on intentions
Swisscom and Belgacom unite efforts
the Largest telecommunication companies of Belgium and Switzerland Belgacom and Swisscom declared creation of joint venture which will unite their international projects. 72 % in the new joint venture will be the others belong Belgacom, of 28 % - Swisscom. The main office of the company will take place in Bruxelles, in Switzerland there will be a satellite communication office. As they say in the joint statement of the companies, merge should strengthen their positions in the growing competition, the falling prices and overproduction in telecommunication sector. Belgacom which half belongs to the government of Belgium, for a long time already looked for the partner for expansion of wholesale business. The company occupies 11 - e a place in the world on volume of the traffic and has networks in big cities of Europe, and also cable lines. Swisscom also it is interested in the strong partner as in 2003 left business in the USA and a number of the European states from - for a rigid competition.

Boeing North American space concern Boeing comes nearer to the treasured purpose
last Tuesday declared sale of two factories making civil planes, and factory on manufacture of rocket engines. For the sold actives the company has gained $1,6 billion Large aircraft constructing factory in Vichite (State of Kansas), and also capacities in Tulsa and the Poppy - Alestere (State of Oklahoma) the Canadian investment corporation Onex for $900 million has got These factories let out fuselages for Boeing 737 and details for the plane of following generation 787 Dreamliner. According to terms of transaction Onex, one of the largest companies in Canada, incurs payment of a debt of these factories at a rate of $300 million Onex plans to create the separate company under which control will transfer factories. Within next five years the Canadian company intends to invest in addition $1 mlrd in development of manufacture and equipment modernisation at these enterprises. The factory on manufacture of accessories for rocket engines has been bought for $700 million concern United Technologies. However transaction details are not disclosed. With sale of these actives Boeing closely comes nearer to the purpose - to be engaged in exclusively design and final assemblage of commercial planes, having given working out of components and systems to other manufacturers.

Bechtel will construct factory in the United Arab Emirates
last Tuesday emiratskaja company Abu Dhabi Gas Industries (Gasco) declared signing of the contract with American inzhiniringovoj corporation Bechtel on building and commissioning of large gas-processing factory in the United Arab Emirates. Transaction cost makes $1,458 billion project Realization the London office Bechtel will supervise. It is planned that the factory will become operational in the first quarter 2008. According to calculations, it will process 36,8 million cubic metre of natural gas a day and to make about 125 thousand barrels of condensates and 12 thousand tons szhizhennogo gas. On factory gas from deposits of Abu - Dabi, Qatar, Oman and Iran will be delivered.

Ryanair airline Ryanair attacks Europe
last Thursday Irish nizkozatratnaja has issued the order for 70 planes Boeing 737 - in 800 total cost about $4 billion Terms of transaction provide order possibility in addition 70 more planes. Taking into account previous total number of firm orders Ryanair on Boeing 737 - 800 has made 225 planes. The first 170 planes got under the previous contracts, the company plans to receive in the end of 2005. Thanks to so scale expansion of air park the company can become the largest European air carrier and to 2011 - to 2012 annually to serve more than 70 million passengers in comparison with present 34 million Now Ryanair, created in 1999, already serves 220 flights in 19 countries of the world.