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“ SIA Internejshnl “ the director of territorial fund of obligatory medical insurance (TFOMS) Boris Charnyj will bring money

Yesterday has informed „” that the contract with the largest farm - the supplier " in the near future will be concluded; SIA Internejshnl “. The company will deliver medicines for federal exempts to Average Ural Mountains. This news has pleased druggists, which of - for absence of contractual relations of local authorities with “ SIA Internejshnl “ have been compelled to buy preparations at own expense. Now, as has promised TFOMS, the supplier can compensate to networks of their expense. In Sverdlovsk area participants of a government program on maintenance of exempts with free medicines are 400 drugstores. Till 2005 of a drugstore served all exempts under the following scheme. Drugstores at own expense bought medical preparations which then released under recipes to buyers, and then TFOMS compensated to networks their expenses. Entered since January, 1st, 2005 in force law N122 has changed game rules: now regional exempts should be served under the old scheme, and federal - on new. According to the law Ή 12 exempts of Sverdlovsk area have been divided on two categories. 513 thousand persons (veterans of work, workers of back, a victim of the political repressions, the rehabilitated persons) enter in regional “ the register of exempts “ free medicines for them are financed from the regional budget under the former scheme. Other category of exempts - about 360 thousand persons (invalids, families of the lost military men, veterans of war) are provided at the expense of means of the federal budget. the New scheme also provides change in calculations between drugstores and the supplier of medicines. TFOMS directly transfers into account the supplier of means for payment of medical preparations which then drugstores realise on a free basis.

Thereupon the federal government has chosen five suppliers who have divided among themselves commodity markets in the country. Yesterday the head of Sverdlovsk fund Boris Charnyj has declared „” what to deliver medical preparations to Average Ural Mountains, according to the decision of the federal government, there will be a company “ SIA Internejshnl “. “ the Contract with this operator is in a signing stage “ - it has explained.

news about it has pleased druggists. The matter is that to the conclusion of the contract with “ SIA Internejshnl “ this company has already begun deliveries of medicines for retail pharmaceutical networks. And here there were problems. “ at first at them was not in Ekaterinburg of a warehouse of preferential medicines, and we have been compelled to buy from them preparations at free market prices. The authorities then could not compensate our costs, but have promised that after the conclusion of the contract from “SIA Internejshnl“ they will indemnify our a loss and the commission for realisation of medicines at a rate of 10 % from sales volume “ - have told in a chemist`s network “ Medicines of Ural Mountains “. And the manager on Joint-Stock Company privileges “ the Chemist`s house “Rainbow“ “ Elena Alekseeva has told: “ Some drugstores, especially in area, already are on the verge of closing. 68 points only our network already have suffered losses for the sum of 5 million roubles. If the situation does not change, we cannot provide exempts with medicines “.

In turn mister Charnyj has already promised that the financial question with drugstores will be settled in the near future. “ now on account TFOMSa 140 million rbl. from the federal budget lies. After with SIA Intrenejshnl - the uniform supplier in our region - will conclude the contract, this money will be listed it, and it can already pay off with drugstores “ - it has explained.

to Contact the representative of the company “ SIA Internejshnl “ supervising deliveries of preferential medicines in Sverdlovsk area, yesterday it was not possible. At the Moscow office of the company „” have informed that the representative has not returned yet from business trip to Ekaterinburg where it went for a meeting with Ural TFOMSom.

„” will watch succession of events.