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Ukraine is closer to Europe, than Turkey

Yesterday leading European mass-media have published results of poll about what countries have the greatest bases for the introduction into EU. The data of poll spent in six leading states of the European Union, became in many respects sensational. As it has appeared, citizens of incorporated Europe most of all want to see in the numbers not Turkey which is on the threshold of EU, and Ukraine only discussing possibility to become by a part the common European home . Besides, Russia has appeared the second country after Ukraine in a rating of the European sympathies.
poll data Citizens of EU and joining of Ukraine to the European Union spent by the French company of sociological researches TNS Sofres, have appeared, in particular, in British Guardian, French Figaro and German Die Welt. TNS Sofres is the largest French and second company in the world of marketing and sociological researches. Poll TNS Sofres was spent from February, 24th till March, 8th in six largest EU countries - Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Poland. Within a month in each country 1000 persons have been interrogated is more senior 18 years. Research was spent by request of the Ukrainian public association YES (Yalta European Strategy) which initiator of creation is the known Ukrainian oligarch and the son-in-law eks - president Leonid Kuchma Victor Pinchuk.

TNS Sofres asked the respondents to answer by phone some question, connected with their relation to possibility of the introduction of Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Morocco in EU. Concerning Ukraine for 58 % of respondents in France (37 % against), 41 % in Germany (53 %), 62 % in Italy (23 %), 77 % in Poland (12 %), 60 % in Spain (11 %) and 49 % in Great Britain (27 %) have expressed. As a whole in six countries the introduction of Ukraine into EU 55 % interrogated (approve 31 % against). Attracts attention that the greatest enthusiasm concerning the possible introduction of the country orange revolution in EU citizens of the next Poland, played test an active role in recent events in Ukraine.

the favourable relation to a nominee of Ukraine was proved so: Ukraine - a part of Europe (39 % from all supported), the Introduction of Ukraine into EU will strengthen positions of democratic forces in the country (36 %), Joining of Ukraine will allow to increase volumes of barter with this country (27 %). To see Ukraine in EU respondents motivated the unwillingness with following reasons: struggle for democratic values " still is necessary to Ukraine; (39 % from all spoken against), Ukraine - the poor country, and its joining would complicate EU development (36 %) and I in general against EU expansion (31 %). On a question, whether you consider Ukraine as a part of Europe geographically, historically and cultural, yes 58 % interrogated, " have answered; is not present - 27 %.

Results of given poll are very important, thus they became a bolt from the blue. The question on possible membership of Ukraine in EU became recently a subject of brisk discussion. However thus nobody tried to learn that Europeans " think about it; - has declared, making comments on poll data, official representative YES of Loran Dondi. In its opinion, poll data becomes additional argument in favour of those who supports the introduction of Ukraine into EU.

the second place on sympathies of the interrogated was occupied with Russia. The introduction of Russia into EU 45 % interrogated in France (approve 51 % against), 45 % in Germany (52 %), 62 % in Italy (26 %), 46 % in Poland (39 %), 59 % in Spain (17 %) and 44 % in Great Britain (35 %). On the average joining of Russia to EU 50 % interrogated (would approve 38 % against). Thus Germany became the unique country which citizens have put on the first place Russia, instead of Ukraine or Turkey.

against broad support of idea of membership of Ukraine in the European Union rather cool relation of Europeans to Turkey is evident, unlike Ukraine is appreciable promoted on a way of the introduction to EU (formally process of reception of Turkey in the European Union will begin on October, 3rd this year). According to poll data, membership of Turkey in EU supports 45 % of citizens of incorporated Europe (it takes a penultimate third place in a rating of sympathies, advancing only Morocco). Thus Frenchmen (59 %) and Germans (60 %) - citizens of two leading countries " have appeared the most zealous opponents of Turkish membership; old Europe traditionally considered as the locomotive of the European integration.