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To the Russian brands will put down marks

Yesterday international a brand - consulting company Interbrand Zintzmeyer and Lux officially declared opening of the office in Russia. It is the first office a world brand - a consulting network in the Russian market of branding which, according to experts, is just formed. However experts believe that strength Interbrand Zintzmeyer and Lux not working out, and an estimation of brands which first of all will give the additional tool for definition of cost of the Russian companies.
Interbrand Zintzmeyer and Lux - affiliated company Interbrand Group Ltd. - carries out development of consulting practice in Switzerland, Germany, Holland and the Eastern Europe. Interbrand Group Ltd. - the international consulting company which is a part of communication holding Omnicom. The holding is already presented To Russia by companies BBDO, DDB, TBWA and some other.

As Irina Soloveva has informed operating director Interbrand Zintzmeyer and Lux Moscow, the Russian office will give to the clients all complex of consulting services in the field of creation, managements and estimations of brands. besides the Russian experts in Moscow employees of foreign offices Interbrand Zintzmeyer and Lux will work, - she has told. - their presence will be especially important in the first year of work of the Moscow office .

Participants of the market of consulting services believe that the market a brand - consulting in Russia practically is not present and to compete Interbrand Zintzmeyer and Lux in Russia will be with the companies from allied industries. now their basic competitors in our market - network advertising agencies, the majority from which anyhow are engaged in working out of brands for the Russian companies - the general director of agency of marketing researches Magram Market Research Marina Malyhina considers. The head of the company disagrees with it Kuzmenkov and partners Ilya Kuzmenkov: the Complex of the questions connected with a brand, is very close to advertising, but actually a brand - the consulting companies compete to such advisers for working out of strategy, as McKenzie and to that similar " more likely; - he speaks. Therefore experts not undertake even to estimate approximately volume of the Russian market a brand - consulting services.

thus all experts converge that strength Interbrand Zintzmeyer and Lux is the estimation of brands (annually agency makes a rating of leading brands of the world). It, according to participants of the market, will promote occurrence of one more tool for an estimation of capitalisation of the Russian companies. while the Russian brands are brands of local scale, - Marina Malyhina speaks, - therefore cost of the companies is estimated basically on material actives . As she said, together with technologies of an estimation of brands in the Russian market there will be one more accurate criterion of estimation of cost of the company. the brand becomes a resource possessing in quite concrete cost, - madam Malyhina speaks, - and it can be put, for example, in bank. Today in Russia already there are similar precedents, but this practice has not received a wide circulation .

However, to estimate the Russian brands Interbrand Zintzmeyer and Lux will begin not at once. It is labour-consuming enough and long process, - Irina Soloveva explains, - therefore the first rating of the Russian brands will appear not earlier than 2006 .