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Militiamen have suffered for belief

Yesterday Office of Public Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk area has filed criminal charges on the facts of excess of office powers employees RUVD of Chkalovsky area of Ekaterinburg who have detained the professor known sektoveda of Alexander Dvorkin and the head of missionary department of the Ekaterinburg diocese of priest Vladimir Zajtseva. According to victims, they simply were in the yard schools. The militia, from its part, asserts that representatives of clergy tried to organise the unapproved action in educational institution territory. Nevertheless, the management of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of area has already apologised clerics, having promised to dismiss the guilty. The known expert in Russia in the field of totalitarian sects professor Alexander Dvorkin was on a visit in Ekaterinburg under the invitation of the Archbishop of Ekaterinburg and Verhotursky Vikentija from March, 21 till March, 24th. Having learnt about it, inhabitants of microdistrict Southern Substation of Chkalovsky area have asked employees of a diocese about the organisation in their area of lecture of the professor as suspected that in the nearest recreation centre the totalitarian sect " operated; New life . The initiative group was headed by head OO Committee on protection of the rights of youth Maxim Krylov who, as he said, has concluded oral arrangements on carrying out of action with the principal 21 Michael Bogovym.

the Meeting should begin on Wednesday in 19. 00. As have informed in the Ekaterinburg diocese, by appointed time at school assembly hall 15 persons have gathered nearby. But the director of educational institution Michael Bogov has changed the plans, having forbidden to carry out action. Mister Bogov has asked people to leave a school building.

at the director the explanation of incident. As it has explained in conversation with the correspondent , him has confused that strangers have come to educational institution without a presentation of documents. we did not know, who is such, and I have been compelled to cause militia - he has told.

the militia has arrived literally in some minutes. As one of participants of action, to father Vladimir Zajtsevu who stood in an environment of ten persons has told, the captain of militia Vladimir Shevchenko has approached. It has explained that according to militia in school territory passes the unapproved picket as which organizer Alexander Dvorkin acts. The conflict has arisen after documents have asked to show the militiaman. It has not reacted and has promised to cause a reinforcement. The capture group has soon approached. On an attestation of eyewitnesses, father Vladimir and Alexander Dvorkin have laid on the earth, having broken hands for a back. At clerics have selected documents, have shipped in the car and have brought to police station. Them have released an hour later after to branch there has arrived the deputy of the State Duma Evgenie Rojzman, at which partner relations with a diocese.

yesterday mister Rojzman has directed the reference to the public prosecutor of Sverdlovsk area Alexander Shajkovu with the request to understand a situation. It has put a videocassette and the statement of father Vladimir Zajtseva in which he specifies in offensive behaviour concerning clerics and rukoprikladstvo from police officers to the demand.

as has informed a press - service of the assistant to the General public prosecutor of the Russian Federation in UrFo Yury Zolotov, upon unreasonable detention and application of violence by police officers concerning attendants of Russian Orthodox Church yesterday the Office of Public Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk area brings criminal case under item 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (excess of powers of office).

the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia has already reacted To incident II. I with the big alarm have heard the message from Ekaterinburg about the made violence over professor Dvorkin - the known fighter with the totalitarian sects, the competent scientific and fearless preacher - he has declared.

first in militia insisted on correctness of actions of employees. The senior inspector of group of the information of the Department of Internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg Leonid Semenov in conversation with the correspondent has noticed that in militia the call from the principal who has informed has arrived that in its territory there passes the unapproved action. And detention has occurred only after participants have refused to disperse. But in some hours the position of a management of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area has sharply changed. I an island of the chief of a central board Vladimir Filippov has made public apologies of the Ekaterinburg diocese and personally to father Vladimir Zajtsevu. The decision on dismissal from law-enforcement bodies of the representative Chkalovsky RUVD Ekaterinburg which left for trial by the senior and which actions have led to a conflict situation is accepted. A number of other employees will be involved in a strict disciplinary responsibility - it is told in the message of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs.