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TELECINEMA With MICHAEL TROFIMENKOVYM from March, 25th till March, 31st

Event of week - “ Two horsemen “ (Two Rode Together, 1961), John Ford`s sunset masterpiece (1895 - 1973), the person who has created, and has buried mythology of the Wild West, and was represented very simply: “ My name is John Ford. I remove westerns “ (on March, 27th, “ Culture “ 23. 00, *****). All anthologies of cinema included a shot from it “ the Stagecoach “ (Stagecoach, 1939): a stagecoach desperately leaving from blood-thirsty Indians pursuing it. But Ford was not only and not so much singer of war, how many the philosopher and the poet of the Wild West. Edges where time is measured not hours, and for years and decades, life of people is subordinated to revolution of the season, and red-skinned and white are in the most complicated, almost related relations that does not prevent to kill from time to time it each other. Two horsemen is a lieutenant of a cavalry and the sheriff, without special enthusiasm become by its workmate in delicate mission: to carry on negotiations with Indians, to release for a long time the white settlers stolen by them. They and quickly are taken prisoner, however they manage to convince red-skinned that their purpose - negotiations and anything other. In American Indian stanovishche it appears the four survived captives who for a long time have already replaced the cultural identity: someone has reconciled, someone sincerely feels itself(himself) as the Indian. Two captives refuse to return in “ civilised “ the world. The young Scandinavian, on belosnezhnej to which skin an American Indian colouring looks especially decoratively, simply does not remember anything about “ white “ lives: it have stolen absolutely the child. The elderly woman remembers, but says that its past “ I “ has died. Two are ready to try “ normal “ life, but is better they would not do it. The mad boy with an American Indian name the Running wolf kills the woman asserting that she his mother, and falls a victim of Lynch`s court. The young widow of the American Indian leader - in fine, almost surrealistic scene it mourns over it, dressed in a red dress, - the society rejects: it - “ spoilt “. Only the sheriff too well understanding, is how much combined the boundary world of the Wild West, accepts it and takes away with itself. “ Two horsemen “ - a film about the end strange, bloody, but harmonies between two cultures which was possible during any time, but has ended with  destruction of one of them. One more western, but very strange, Antonija Berd has put, one of the most original British directors. “ the cannibal “ (Ravenous, 1999) - a genre cocktail from a western, a naturalistic horror film and black, very black comedy (on March, 30th, the First channel, 2. 40, ****). Action is developed during time American - the Mexican war 1840 - h years. The newly-baked captain is appointed to serve to a small boundary post: all its inhabitants with strangenesses, all are in this or that stage of moral degradation. On a post comes being on the verge of death, very emaciated person, unique survived of party of the immigrants compelled from - for hunger to guzzle each other. Naturally, it and itself kannibal, infecting with the madness of associates: who has tried once chelovechinki, never will forget its taste. Behind a mask of a bloody genre hand-made article the clever and exact parable about where borders of the human person come to an end disappears. Other horror film, “ Van Helsinga “ (Van Helsing, 2004) Stephen Sommersa, it is possible to look, only if to concern it, as to a parody (on March, 27th, the First channel, 21. 45, *). The director - the handicraftsman has fallen down all eternal motives of a genre in one heap. The agent of Vatican Van Helsing struggles in Transylvania not only with Drakuloj, behaving, as provincial, spivshijsja the tragedian, and its flying brides, but also with a wolf - the werewolf similar to a huge drunk hare, and with a monster of Frankenshtejna, kind, as the Iron Woodcutter. Most funny universal smaz from the citations stolen by Sommersom: a weapon workshop from “ a Bondiana “ the cowboy`s dress of Van Helsinga, the coffin maker who has removed here straight from westerns of Serdzho Leon, the posterity of Drakuly suspended to a ceiling in sklizkih leather bags, borrowed from “ the Stranger “. “ the Costumier “ (The Dresser, 1983) Peter Jetsa - very British on spirit, for nothing that was put by its American director, a psychological drama (on March, 26th, “ Culture “ 22. 20, ***). Actually, it is performance for two. In London shuddering from nazi bombs, the costumier prepares for execution in 227 - j time of a role of the King Lyre of the great, old actor who has tired to death from life, for which it - both the nurse, and the clown, both the confessor, and a unique support. Performance appears the last in life of the actor: at its body the costumier as it becomes obvious, all life testing to him besides admiration also sexual passion impetuously sobs.