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Leningrad region will rise in price in a year

Yesterday the government of Leningrad region has confirmed results of the state cadastral estimation of the earth in cities and region settlements. Since 2006 these figures will be used for calculation of the ground tax and as a basis for a market estimation of the earth. Thus, from next year the earth in Leningrad region will rise in price.
an estimation spent severo - the western regional cadastral centre the Earth by request of committee on ground resources of the regional government. Work was conducted in 2001 - 2003, however definitively to co-ordinate results with chairmen of municipal unions to land surveyors it was possible only in January, 2005. Experts had to estimate the earths of 35 cities and about 3 thousand villages. Thus in cities with the population over 10 thousand persons which in Leningrad region 31, the territory has been broken for quarters. The Earth here was estimated on - to a miscellaneous - depending on a site, a level of development of an infrastructure, landscape value and etc. the Head of areas were not always agree with as what of city quarters it is necessary to consider expensive from - for what it was tightened coordination of results of an estimation.
as a result, the most expensive earth has appeared in the settlements located near to Petersburg. So, in Vsevolozhsk the maximum cost of the earth under apartment houses has made 5747 roubles for square metre, in Sertolove - 4220 roubles, in Gatchina - 3496 roubles. Also grounds in the developed industrial cities are highly appreciated: Tosno - to 3730 roubles for square metre, Vyborg - to 3789 roubles. In these areas an appreciation have received both inhabited territories, and the earths which have been taken away under industrial building, and even occupied with educational institutions and other objects of a social infrastructure. As chairman KUGI of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko has explained, it is caused by that schools, for example, as a rule, are located in the most convenient places from the point of view of transport availability, and besides are to the full provided by engineering networks.
the cadastral price of the earth since January, 1st, 2006 will form a basis for definition of the rate of the ground tax which is now enlisted in the budget of region and is established proceeding from standard cost of the earth which defines the government of the Russian Federation, annually recalculating factors for the ground areas of various types of a functional purpose. From next year, according to the federal law, the ground tax will arrive in full in treasury of municipal unions, each of which will independently define the size of the tax rate in the area. Besides, by the autumn the regional authorities intend to prepare and spend the law on a cadastral estimation according to which earth market price at operations with it should be not below cadastral through ZakS.
if this norm will be realised, cost of the earth for pledge, sale or the repayment will increase. Therefore, according to mister Drozdenko, now actively there is a process of the repayment of the earth by the enterprises, in a week we consider 7 - 10 demands . Today`s redemption cost - 10 rates of the ground tax for square metre mister Drozdenko considers reduced price . In Leningrad region yet the most expensive earth - the director for marketing working in Vsevolozhsk strojpredprijatija " agrees with it; Melikonpolar Vyacheslav Zasuhin. Thus, according to mister Zasuhina, engineering readiness of a site for investors even more important factor, than cadastral cost. Certainly, the more expensively the earth, the is less attractive it to the investor, but it it to appear even it can is useful, as high cost of a site stimulates its as much as possible effective use - he considers.