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KUGI has found the creative approach

Yesterday in Smolnom heads KUGI and the creative unions have shown the full consent concerning last initiatives of administration on change of a lease term and privatisation of creative workshops. At the same time on a press - conferences in news agency Rosbalt the head of the commission of culture and formation ZakSa Sergey Andreev urged art workers to direct thousand letters to the president of the Russian Federation with protests against restrictions of the rights of exempts. However leaders of the architectural and art public have promised to officials to spend explanatory work among colleagues and to smooth the next scandal round preferential real estate.
to settle a situation with the real estate given by a city in rent to architects and artists, KUGI tries since 2001. However all attempts to compensate at least a part dropping out incomes At the expense of reduction of fund of real estate and commercial structures receiving privilege those or other corporate interests of deputies led to mass protests of art workers and lobbying. It was necessary to interfere with last loud scandal to the governor to Valentine Matvienko - past summer it has cancelled order KUGI about an order of privatisation of creative workshops. However last two weeks the committee managed to take a revenge. On March, 11th there was a repeated order - about the mechanism of voluntary privatisation of workshops artists, and one week ago ZakS has accepted in the first reading smolninsky the bill About an order of granting of privileges on a rent for objects of uninhabited fund (in detail wrote about it). There was simultaneously an information that head KUGI Igor Metelsky has sent the governor the letter with results of the spent check of Fund creative masterful (such workshops is in a city 2182) in which has suggested to withdraw from the list of 158 objects from - for infringements of conditions of their use. Oils in fire have added public statements of deputy Sergey Andreeva which has declared that after coming into force of the law on preferential rent from fund the workshops located in city centre will be withdrawn.
past Monday the mister to Metelsky and its first deputy Alexey Chichkanovu at the closed meeting in Smolnom managed to prove to heads of the creative unions that the Fund of creative workshops not only remains inviolable within the limits of created social fund, but also will keep prestigious central workshops (whose full rent rate exceeds 75 at. e. For square metre a year, and preferential makes 3 % from it) unlike other categories of exempts to which most likely should move on suburbs.
yesterday heads KUGI have once again explained details of the documents prepared by them. As mister Chichkanov has declared, the discussion developed round them has forced KUGI to change ideology. Earlier KUGI expected to compensate 27 % of expenses of a city (a total sum of 654 million roubles in a quarter) at the expense of reduction of number of exempts. However now it is a question only of redistribution of a limit of the preferential areas among the legalised categories of exempts. Thus, under forecasts KUGI, for ten years the social fund should be reduced from 37 % from the leased areas to 20 %.
As a result the chairman of the Union of artists (renting 80 % of workshops) Albert Charkin, the president of the Union of architects Vladimir Popov, the responsible secretary of coordination council of the creative unions Mark ShCheglov, and also the committee-man on culture and formation of ZakSa deputy Alexey Kovalev have confirmed readiness to to constructive cooperation with KUGI. As it is literally on the eve of Valentine Matvienko has rejected offer KUGI on withdrawal of the workshops used not for the designated purpose, having promised to leave them at the disposal of fund for granting to other artists. Having seized the moment, mister Charkin has asked to compensate also to fund and the workshops lost from - for capital repairs or reconstruction of buildings, however it have not heard and, most likely, hardly will hear.
But the greatest fears of the creative unions causes possibility of partial loss of the areas of fund as a result of voluntary privatisation as, having redeemed masterful, artists or other investors can use them at own discretion. Other problem is connected with risk to lose workshops in case foreign commercial structures which can find mechanisms for the repayment of prestigious objects will become interested in them. However, as representatives KUGI have specified, artists can privatise workshops only in coordination with fund.