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Pulkovo the aviation enterprise " waves wings

Yesterday; Pulkovo has brought the financial results of the year which has appeared on a number of indicators it is unprecedented the good. On idea it is last annual report Pulkovo as the independent legal person - by the end of the year the carrier should join the State Customs Committee Russia . Observers, however, foretell that the management sankt - the Petersburg aviation enterprise will try to drag out association process, and even at all it to break.
according to the head letno - a technical complex Pulkovo Sergey Belova, in 2004 the company has transported 2,7 million passengers, having improved this indicator on 17 % in comparison with 2003, and counts that 3 million more the person will use its planes in 2005 - the m. the Petersburg airport in 2004 has served 4 million visitors that on 15 % more than in 2003. The aviation enterprise gain, according to financial director Boris Gudkovicha, has made 12 mlrd roubles, profit to the taxation - 1 mlrd, having increased by 30 %. Under the statement of mister Gudkovicha, it is unprecedented growth for all history ` Pulkovo ` . He also has underlined that last year pilots have listed in treasury of Petersburg almost 500 million roubles. However, according to mister Gudkovicha, the best in the history Pulkovo indicators - last success of the enterprise as the independent legal person: in connection with reorganisation aviation enterprise Pulkovo this year will stop the existence.
from the further dialogue with journalists on this theme a management Pulkovo has refused, having referred that reforming goes within the limits of the documents which have been let out one month ago Rosimushchestvom (wrote about it). According to sources in aviation circles to make comments on process has forbidden the heads from the Ministry of transport of Russia. The matter is that with reorganisation not all is so smoothly as it would be desirable for Ministry of Transport. The new company can lose the right to carry out flights to Europe in some directions. The matter is that the international flights are regulated by intergovernmental agreements in which the so-called appointed carrier, and " is defined; Russia unlike Pulkovo in many agreements it is not designated. We will remind that recently on it focused attention of the public fulfilling duties of the general director Pulkovo Alexander Golovin (then Ministry of Transport also has forbidden pilots to make comments on an association theme).
However if the government decides that Russia is pravopreemnitsej Pulkovo to it will pass also all rights of the Petersburg carrier. Managers ` Pulkovo ` now intentionally exaggerate this theme and tell about successes of the enterprise, trying to achieve revision of the plan of reorganisation or its cancellation - consider sources. These words are confirmed also with Boris Gudkovicha`s statement in which he carefully criticises merge: from - for reorganisation, he has declared to journalists, reconstruction of the international terminal " is without day postponed; Pulkovo - 2 . Ministry of Transport has refused to aviation enterprise approval of the credit for these purposes at a rate of $50 million, having referred just to this process.