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Women under investigation have left from - for double lattices

Last night from a temporary detention facility (IVS) the Department of Internal Affairs the cities of Tosno (Leningrad region) have run away five women under investigation. According to the public prosecutor of Tosnensky area of Zoe Solovevoj, all five fugitives were accused of thefts, but now it will add also article for runaway. To evening of two fugitives it was possible to detain.
under the information, five prisoners have been delivered in IVS from a pre-trial detention centre in settlement Gorelovo the day before - them have brought for acquaintance with criminal cases. For night of women under investigation have placed in the chamber. Men have broken off a metal rack of a bench and with its help have cracked an internal lattice at a window. Then they have squeezed out glass and an external lattice and have run away. Their disappearance was revealed only during morning check. However, on freedom fugitives remained not for long. Already yesterday two from them have been detained: one on the apartment sozhitelnitsy, another - in the house of the relatives. As Zoe Soloveva has declared the public prosecutor of area, the regional Office of Public Prosecutor has already filed criminal charges under article 313 UK Runaway from imprisonment places, from - under arrest, from - under guards .
All five pass on different affairs, but are accused in same - of thefts - Zoe Soloveva has told. In OVD Tosnensky area have explained that upon runaway office check following the results of which the guilty will be made answerable is spent. Besides, actions of daily details IVS will be studied by the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor. if the Office of Public Prosecutor finds crime structure one more criminal case " will be brought in their actions; - one of heads Tosnensky OVD has informed.
last years mass runaways from regional temporary detention facilities occur regularly enough. So, in May, 2001 from IVS Gatchina has run away 14 local residents detained for various crimes. They have punched a hole in a brick wall a leg from a bed. There was it during week-end when in RUVD were only on duty which did not hear noise. In 2003 all participants of runaway have been condemned. In February, 2002 from IVS cities of Volkhov have run away the three women under investigation accused of grave crimes. Criminals managed to lure a sentry dog who protected an insulator, and the dog ran together with them. And in December of the same year from an educational colony in Kolpino 18 teenagers have run away. They have simply got through the disconnected fence, having thrown a barbed wire with a state mattress.