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The inhabitant of Estonia took for wheels

Employees of Management of federal service on control over drug trafficking across St.-Petersburg (UFSKN) together with customs officers and frontier guards have performed operation on detention of large party synthetic drugs. As have informed in a press - service UFSKN, from the drug trafficker it has been withdrawn about 5 kg ekstazi and amfetamina.
Field investigators of drug enforcement have received the information that the courier from Estonia will drive on territory of Russia through Kingissepsky customs. On a meeting with it under the pretext of the buyer the policeman has gone. The meeting has taken place in vicinities of Gatchina on 54 - m kilometre of the Kiev highway. On the refuelling located nearby from meeting place in an ambush the special troops waited. As soon as field investigators were convinced that all goods in the car, the command on detention of the courier has been given. It has not rendered resistance. The sports bag in which there were two polyethylene parcels with drugs has been withdrawn from it, polyethylene layers have been poured by tobacco and coffee - to throw off the scent guard dogs. In convolutions it has appeared more than 6,6 thousand tablets ekstazi in gross weight about 1,6 kg and 3 kg of a powder amfetamin. Wholesale cost of the detained consignment of drugs makes about $150 thousand Detained party ekstazi it is considered one of the largest lately, - for an example: before creation UFSKN, the Ministry of Internal Affairs annually withdrew in all territory of Russia annually no more than 20 kg synthetics .
Concerning the detained courier criminal case under article 228 of the criminal code of Russian Federation " is brought; Transportation and storage of drugs in especially large sizes . In the interests of the investigation his name is not disclosed. However it is known that it is the citizen of Russia constantly living in Estonia. In territory of Baltic republic it was twice made answerable for evasion from payment of taxes and infringement of rules of customs declaring. Now narcopolicemen together with Estonian colleagues spend work on detention of other participants of the international narcosyndicate.