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The question price

the Broken armies well study. Who knows, how Moscow in relation to the Kirghiz events, if not bitter lessons " would lead; orange revolution in Ukraine. After all even the usual worldly wisdom then prompted, as itself to conduct - not to show too obviously preferences, not to put all eggs in one basket. In the east speak: If you quarrel with the neighbour then leave possibility for reconciliation . Russia has arrived just what isn`t needed and has suffered the defeat which consequences it is not known how many still it is necessary to disentangle.
all has occurred to Kirghizia differently. Here the line of conduct of the Russian management was almost faultless. Sympathies of Moscow for an unsteady mode of Askara Akaeva were obvious. But on a surface especially were not shown. Moreover, shortly before February elections in Kirghizia the secretary of Security council of Russia Igor Ivanov has accepted one of the main Kirghiz oppositionists of Kurmanbeka Bakieva in Moscow. It would Seem, whether it is the sample of civilised conducting a policy?

during all election campaign Moscow as it is necessary, maintained a position of the detached onlooker - any propaganda per lot the authorities, any political strategists for the aid to a mode. Only during the moment when the Kirghiz opposition has acted in the south of the country, there was a small failure. The Russian TV channels have started talking to alarm about the disorders provoked by extremists and drug barons. And Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov has extremely disapprovingly responded about so-called opposition which, under its data, for a long time already supervises nothing . However after short confusion Moscow has again found the necessary tone. Already yesterday the estimation of events by the Russian officials a little than differed from the western: we are disturbed by a current situation, it is necessary to search for an overcoming the crisis in a legal field. As a result, when to the power in Kirghizia the opposition will come, Russia should not justify that earlier it strenuously heated it. Interests of Russia and Russians in Kirghizia will not suffer, and between two countries there is warm friendship.

and all would be simply wonderful, if not one but . This a wise line apparently, was in many respects casual. In particular, Kurmanbeka Bakieva have invited to Moscow basically to scare and make more compliant Askara Akaeva who tried to manoeuvre between Russia and the West. To the Kirghiz president have let know that support of Moscow it is necessary to deserve. And mister Akaev has correctly understood a hint, resolutely having refused placing in Kirghizia American AVAKSov.

On Monday Moscow has offered Bishkek the help in the area of the Organization of the Contract on collective safety. However, the message of an anonymous source from ODKB left that it was a question of possible participation of a management of this military organisation in negotiations with leaders of opposition. But the hint as a whole was clear. Askar Akaev has refused. Otherwise Russia would receive in territory of the CIS Czechoslovakia the sample of 1968. Probably only precipitancy of succession of events in Kirghizia has not allowed Moscow to tell (and to do) the superfluous.