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To keep last ally

Today the official part of visit of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Armenia begins. A formal occasion to visit - opening of year of Russia in Armenia. But actually the agenda is beyond secular and cultural actions: it both Karabah, and cooperation in gas sphere, and use of the Armenian territory for placing of the Russian military bases which the next years will be deduced from Georgia.
today the president of Russia Vladimir Putin together with the Armenian colleague Robert Kocharyan will take part in opening of year of Russia in Armenia. Will take place gala - a concert in the evening. However, grandiose hospitality events in which presidents of two countries will take part, urged to serve as a smoke screen hiding very intense dialogue on the whole complex of mutual relations. Disturbed by a train pink orange And other revolutions in the CIS, Russia is afraid to lose the hardly probable not last reliable stronghold on open spaces of the former USSR.

in a context of deepening of strategic partnership between Russia and Armenia presidents of two countries will discuss problems of settlement of the Karabakh problem, and also placing prospect in the Armenian territory of the Russian military bases which the next years will be deduced from Georgia.

as to the first question, in Moscow softening of a position of Yerevan tries to achieve not to fuel tension from Baku. In the Kremlin very much expected to reduce behind one negotiating table of presidents of Armenia Robert Kocharyan and Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev during anniversary celebrations on the occasion of 60 - letija Victories in the Great Patriotic War, however, judging by signals arriving from Baku, president Aliev, most likely, will not arrive to Moscow.

Of a withdrawal of Russian troops and arms from Georgia and their subsequent placing the Russian management managed recently to agree basically with a management of Georgia though concrete terms of a conclusion are not defined yet. The most probable term - 2007. After that Russia expects to translate armies and arms from base in Ahalkalaki on the Armenian territory - in area of a disposition Russian 102 - j bases. In Yerevan completely support this intention, but arrange with its variety of conditions.

the main thing from them - a solution of a problem of transport blockade of Armenia. Therefore both in Moscow, and in Yerevan hope to develop the co-ordinated policy directed on achieving from Georgia of the consent to a free transport corridor - by commissioning of a sea crossing Novorossisk - Poti and, probably, even by railway communication renewal through territory of Abkhazia.

it is unconditional, questions of military cooperation will be discussed also. Armenia at reduced prices receives some kinds of arms from Russia. For today in Russia at the expense of the Russian budget are trained more than 500 Armenian military men, in the long term this figure can be considerable is increased.

one more complex of important themes concerns interactions in a triangle Russia - Armenia - Iran. Thus that Teheran remains the important regional partner of Moscow, in Russia without special enthusiasm look at ground plans of a gas pipeline Iran - Armenia (in the further prospect it should be laid further and to become one of channels of deliveries of the Iranian gas to Ukraine and to Europe). Probably, wishing to dispel fears of Moscow, yesterday zamglavy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia Gegam Garibdzhanjan has declared that Russia should be in the long term connected to negotiations on an occasion of a lining of a gas pipeline from Iran to Europe. President Putin, no doubt, will bring up at negotiations a question on participation Gazprom in realisation of this project.