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Michael Fradkov has evaded from liberalisation Gazprom

the chairman of the government Michael Fradkov has spent Yesterday in capital of Kazakhstan to Astana where took place session of interstate council of Euro - the Asian economic community (EvrAzES). Originally it was going to fly from Astana to Bishkek where prime ministers of the Shanghai six planned to meet. But latest developments in Kirghizia (p. 1 see, 9) have crossed out these plans.
session mezhgossoveta EvrAzES (this economic association besides Russia includes Kazakhstan, Belarus, Tajikistan and Kirghizia) outwardly differed nothing from previous - discussed weight of routine questions: from customs and tax control over manufacture and a turn of ethyl spirit, alcoholic, spirtosoderzhashchej and tobacco production before creation of the Euroasian transport corridors and the organisation of the integrated currency market. However actually directly in the face of participants of session of EvrAzES has lost the fifth member - Kirghizia. Already former Kirghiz prime minister Nikolay Tanaev participated in discussion of all summons, its colleagues in every possible way showed solidarity with it, publicly speaking against violence in Kirghizia. But by the session end it became clear that the Kirghiz government does not exist any more.

Michael Fradkov in Astana asked not about session results mezhgossoveta EvrAzEs, and how it regards the statement of head Gazprom Alexey Miller about refusal of state price control to gas in 2006. The prime minister has answered evasively: the Chairman of the board of the company has addressed with this offer in the government. We will consider it, but now I would not like to make comments on it, it is the important, uneasy theme infringing on interests of various sectors of economy, and it is necessary for considering in coordination how the similar decision can be reflected in tariffs in allied industries, in particular, in housing and communal services . It is possible to understand care of the prime minister. Gazprom in essence, the Kremlin department, and government control over it it is rather conditional. Therefore Michael Fradkov has preferred not to enter with Alexey Miller public dispute. For it it was made by the minister who was also in Astana of the industry and power Victor Khristenko. It has simply reminded that the government regulates gas tariffs on the basis of the law About natural monopolies . Therefore for realisation of offers of Alexey Miller to Gazprom according to the minister, it is necessary to change the status or to make changes to the existing law . Both that, and another, - Victor Khristenko has underlined, - looks futuristicheski . By the way, yesterday at a meeting with businessmen Vladimir Putin also has expressed in that spirit that anybody will not refuse in the near future state regulation of the gas prices.