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The highlight of the program

to Conduct 20. 00 the Main plot - disorders in capital of Kirghizia. A genre - the reporting. Intonation - disturbing. Shots from Bishkek, the chronicle of day are given. One of leaders of opposition Uhlan Matuev declares to journalists: We have occupied a central square of Bishkek! We are revolutionaries! . The leader results versions of a site of president Askara Akaeva and marks: the Most plausible version - it already in Kazakhstan . The theme is continued by reportings on power change in Georgia and in Ukraine, and also about a Post-Soviet history of Kirghizia. It is informed about acceptance of special security measures on the basis of the Air Forces of Russia in the Edging.
time 21. 00 the Main plot - the power in Kirghizia was scattered as a house of cards . Intonation - condemning. The leader informs on a situation in Bishkek: In a city the anarchy and anarchy " reign;. On the air from the Kirghiz capital the reporter informs that The exact information on a site of president Akaeva while is not present . The first reporting tells about events of day. In the following reporting characteristics of leaders of opposition, " are given; among which many the former colleagues of Askara Akaeva . Throughout a theme the revolution chronicle in Kirghizia is resulted and its reasons are analyzed.

today 22. 00 the Main plot - revolution in Kirghizia. Intonation - emotional. power change has occurred to surprising speed - the leader marks. On the air from Bishkek the correspondent informs that the coordination council of national unity into which all leaders of opposition enter, will fulfil provisional government duties . A series of reportings shines events in Bishkek and in the south of the country. Further the author tells about leaders of opposition - new owners of the country . The political biography of Askara Akaeva is presented. In summary the situation is made comments by the Russian officials.