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Businessmen decrease in taxes
the fiscal policy

After a yesterday`s meeting with the president does not interest any more (p. 1 see, 2) businessmen have expressed full satisfaction a new tax policy of the state - to stop to reduce taxes and to be engaged in improvement of their administration. The chairman of coordination council of the enterprise unions Alexander Shokhin after a meeting has declared that for business important decrease in tax burden but before to reduce rates, it is necessary to put things in order in tax administration . And in it, according to mister Shokhin, sights of the power and business at reform coincide. Making similar statements, businessmen show surprising flexibility of thinking. After all in the next tax package which vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov has promised in the near future to bring in the State Duma, there will be no the innovations, which else recently businessmen considered basic. It will not be again transferred on the future introduction zajavitelnogo an order of compensation of the VAT to exporters, seemingly, practice of repeated tax checks " is stopped; as control of subordinate tax departments and to tax specialists openings for an infinite tightening of terms exit " will be left; control actions .

That as a result is ready to offer the government to businessmen, read on p. 20.