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Yesterday chapter LV Finance Leonid Maevsky through a press - company service has extended an official statement in which has specified the status in criminal case eks - the owner of the company TST - Mobajl Leonid Rozhetskina. Misters Rozhetskin and Maevsky participated in sale of a controlling interest of the company the Megaphone to structures, affilirovannym with the Alpha - groups . Leonid Rozhetskina accuse that actions have been sold by swindle. As informed on March, 24th, Leonid Maevsky has declared that it is compelled to leave temporarily Russia because of unprecedented pressure of law enforcement bodies in this process. In the Main investigatory management at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow have informed that on Leonid Rozhetskina`s business mister Maevsky was subpoenaed as a witness. However a press - the service of the company LV Finance has declared that Leonid Maevsky has been caused by a consequence as the suspect. Documentary to confirm Leonid Maevsky`s status in this process, a press - the service of the company LV Finance has published the summons 38/ 1 - SCH - 410 which to mister Maevsky was sent on March, 5th by law enforcement bodies.

Coca - Cola company Coca has shaken up management
last Wednesday the world`s largest manufacturer of soft drinks - Cola declared a number of shifts in a corporation management. In particular, Mary Minnik before holding a post of the president and the main operational director of the Asian division of the company is appointed to recently created post of the head on marketing, innovations and strategic development. The president and the main operational director of European group Coca - Cola Sendi Allan has resigned. Its leaving connect with company intention essentially to reconstruct structure of the European branch, having created new group across the EU countries and member countries of the European association of free trade. It will be headed by present president Coca - Cola Enterprises Europe Dominik Renish. Besides, two new groups one of which will work to Northern Asia, Eurasia and the Near East, and the second - on Jugo - East Asia and Pacific region will be created. Shifts are spent within the limits of program Coca - Cola on increase in profit outside of the USA.

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On tabachnikov have brought an action
Yesterday inter-regional public organisation the Society of protection of the rights of consumers ` Public control ` has extended the information on claim giving in court to company Philip Morris which is the largest seller of tobacco products in Russia. Infringement by the law company " became the claim reason, according to the head of the organisation Michael Anshakova; About protection of the rights of consumers : the company does not specify on packs Parliament and Marlboro a number of the components which are a part of cigarettes. Defenders of the rights of consumers demand from the company to correct infringements and to publish in mass-media at own expense a judgement. The claim is submitted to what court, representatives Public control promise to tell on Monday.

in Philip Morris have declared that about the claim did not hear also production let out in strict conformity about STATE VOLUME.

meanwhile mister Anshakov has assured that Philip Morris business will not be limited, and has not excluded that will submit similar claims to other companies.

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Solvay pharmaceutical business
strengthens Yesterday the fourth on size in the world the manufacturer of polyvinylchloride the Belgian company Solvay declared agreement achievement on purchase of French pharmaceutical company Fournier Pharma for 1,6 billion From this sum 1,3 million will be paid by cash, and payment of the others 300 thousand depends on indicators Fournier the next weeks. Sales volume Fournier last year has made 593 million Purchase is carried out within the limits of strategy Solvay on expansion of the pharmaceutical business. Fournier specialises on manufacture kardiopreparatov, means from a diabetes and adiposity. Solvay now develops 31 preparation, including TriCor, eliminating the raised maintenance lipidov in blood. Predictably, the transaction will be finished this summer.

import cheeses will rise in price
Yesterday the governmental commission on protective measures in foreign trade has approved the joint offer of Roszhivotnovodsojuza and the Dairy union of Russia on toughening of rules of import of import cheeses. The offer essence - operating advalornaja the rate remains at level of 15 %, and specific will be increased with present 0,3 to 0,7 for 1 kg. Toughening will concern only firm cheeses, import rules plavlenyh and blue (with a mould) cheeses remain without changes. The new increased rate will be entered for a period of nine months. That this measure has turned from time to a constant, in this time home producers should show importozameshchajushchy the growth proving adequacy of introduction of similar measures.

according to importers, it will lead to increase in the price of kg of foreign cheese on 60 - 70 rbl. Developers of the offer consider that the price will grow no more than on 25 - 30 rbl. for 1 kg.