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Game rules

the Central Bank will estimate liquidity of bank, using an indicator of averaging of obligatory reserves, for definition of its financial stability at acceptance in system of insurance of contributions. Before the Central Bank operated with an indicator of the general liquidity. The Ministry of Justice has registered instructions of the Central Bank from February, 18th, 2005 #1552 - At About modification of Instructions of Bank of Russia from January, 16th, 2004 #1379 - At ` About an estimation of financial stability of bank with a view of its recognition sufficient for participation in system of insurance of contributions ` .
following indicators are applied To an estimation: the capital, actives, profitableness, liquidity, quality of management of bank, its operations and risks. Changes have been brought in last estimation of liquidity - according to the new document, the indicator of averaging of obligatory reserves characterises absence (presence) at bank of the fact of default of a duty on averaging of obligatory reserves. It is estimated for a month previous accounting date on which indicators of financial stability pay off.

the declaration on intentions
FSFM - for association of two bank associations
Yesterday head FSFM Victor Zubkov has supported the initiative on association of two bank associations - Associations of regional banks of Russia and Association of the Russian banks. entirely I support this idea, - Victor Zubkov has declared. - new association becomes considerable and influential force of a civil society which together with state structures begins to serve interests of our fatherland .

In bank the Russian standard new board of directors
Yesterday bank the Russian standard declared election of new board of directors: it was left by representative BNP Paribas Jean - Ljuk Shtajnhauslin. We will remind that in the summer of 2004 BNP Paribas declared intention to buy 50 % of actions The Russian standard however the transaction has not taken place. Into new board of directors of bank have entered the director for holding marketing the Russian standard Jose Aragon earlier working as the president of company Aragon Consulting Inc., and the director of department for development of bank Raphael Karraskosa Kaballero earlier working in international payment system MasterCard Int.

Konversbankov becomes more
As have informed yesterday in Konversbanke, it has got a bank controlling interest Yenisei (55,29 %) which will be soon renamed in Konversbank - Siberia . Purchase in Konversbanke explain what to open branch in Krasnoyarsk region it was inexpedient. We will notice that unlike Konversbanka which have done not pass in system of insurance of contributions at the first stage, bank Yenisei it is already accepted in it.

Yahoo Inc. Will redeem own actions
the Internet - portal Yahoo Inc. Declared intention to redeem the next five years of the actions of 7 % for the sum $3 billion If to start with current stock value Yahoo it is a question of the repayment about 97 million actions. The company management has declared that for the repayment of actions working capital will be used.