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Greece marks on March, 25th anniversary of the disposal from osmanskogo a yoke lasting almost four centuries. Freedom managed to be won in 1821, including thanks to all-round support of Russian people. Some days before a today`s holiday, on March, 20th, Greece together with the Russian Federation has noted Week of Orthodoxy.
both these of a holiday are on the main axes grechesko - the Russian interaction originating still during the Byzantian epoch when scientific monks Cyril and Mefody during the educational mission extended among Slavs writing on the basis of the alphabet which has received subsequently the name of Cyrillics to which could play the major role in formation of great Russian culture.

Greece and Russia which is at a crossroads of the East and the West, are connected leaving in depth of history centuries-old cultural, religious and commercial relations. Both countries have passed through heavy tests in wars, happened are grasped by enemies, mourned fallen and time and again conducted heroic struggle for the clearing.

the Greek revolt against the osmanli Turk has been proclaimed by the officer of imperial army, the Greek by origin, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of imperial Russia John Kapodistrija became prince Alexander Ipsilanti, and the first governor of the released Greece.

In some weeks, on May, 9th, the Greek people will direct to Moscow the representative for participation in celebrations on the occasion of 60 - j anniversaries of the Victory over nazi Germany. Recently selected president of the Greek Republic Karolos Papulias, at the age of 15 years at war with fascists becomes them.

both people, Greek and Russian, have together shed blood like water on fields of battles of the Second World War. The Greek president arrives to Moscow not only to do honour to veterans, but also to meet the Russian comrades in arms who have passed the Great Patriotic War, to divide with them the general love to freedom. The president of Greece will inform to Russia greetings of all Greek people and its aspiration to close cooperation in all areas throughout long tradition good grechesko - the Russian relations.

the impulse defining the future grechesko - the Russian interaction, has been given the prime minister - the minister of Greece by Kostasom Karamanlisom during its official visit to Moscow in December, 2004. Its meeting with the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has strengthened their personal relations. Within the limits of visit a number of agreements has been signed and the way to realisation of the scale project of the oil pipeline Burgas - Aleksandrupolis who urged to provide uninterrupted delivery to the West of the Russian and Caspian oil is planned. Last practical step to advancement of the project of the oil pipeline has been made on March, 10th when in Moscow representatives of Greece, Russia and Bulgaria had been co-ordinated signing of the memorandum of the beginning of building of the oil pipeline not later than April, 15th.

besides cooperation in oil sphere Greece imports large volumes of natural gas and other production from Russia and, in turn, exports the various goods. Besides, Greece presiding in the Organization of the Black Sea economic cooperation which includes also Russia, makes efforts on advancement of some programs in the field of power and other areas, and as the non-permanent member of the UN Security Council closely co-operates with Moscow on wider spectrum of questions.

Today`s Greece represents exclusively wide investment possibilities for the Russian businessmen and has the modern enterprises making production and services, able to serve as a subject of cooperation or deliveries to the Russian market.

in Greece all is - the Chekhovian hero spoke. It has found acknowledgement after absolutely successful carrying out of the Athenian Olympic games promoting substantial improvement of an infrastructure. The country with the well-known antiquities, excellent beaches, picturesque cities and villages is ready to accept the most exacting tourists within all year. Hospitality - the integral line of the Greek national character, and the Greeks sympathising Russians, are ready to accept them at any time.