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Budgetary establishments leave on feeding

Yesterday the commission of Council of federation on interaction with Audit Chamber has spent the round table devoted to the organisation of state control over economic activities of budgetary federal institutions. Representatives of the government insisted on control strengthening, budgetary establishments demanded, that the state did not prevent itself to contain him.
in the beginning 90 - h years to budgetary establishments have allowed to earn money for the maintenance. Budgetary financing then did not suffice. As a result of establishment of a science, formation, culture, public health services and even military units began to receive so-called off-budget incomes, leasing superfluous premises, rendering paid services and etc. In the end of 90 - h years, after crisis of 1998, the state has thought suddenly and has tried to force to list budgetary establishments all their off-budget incomes into budgetary accounts in exchequer. However establishments have defended the rights, and in the Budgetary code has been written down that establishments though should transfer this money for budgetary accounts, but have the right of them to spend.

meanwhile off-budget incomes of establishments make every year not less than 250 mlrd rbl. - more than 10 % of incomes of the federal budget. Off-budget incomes of many establishments in tens times exceed volumes of budgetary financing. As the auditor of Audit Chamber Valery Goregljad ascertained yesterday, the account and control of these means leaves much to be desired, despite existence of corresponding norms of the Budgetary code. Many budgetary establishments, despite interdictions, continue to store off-budget money in commercial banks, do not conclude lease contracts, underestimate in contracts a rent in ones and a half - two times. In particular, the Moscow State University has given set of the ground areas in rent without contracts therefore the budget has not received 25,3 million rbl.

the Head of exchequer Tatyana Nesterenko has revealed the main problem - the state bears subsidiarnuju responsibility under obligations of budgetary establishments. So their commercial activity increases risks for the state.

as a result there was once again a question: and whether correctly in general to allow to have to budgetary establishments off-budget earnings and to be engaged in enterprise activity? Tatyana Nesterenko has suggested to enter for the budgetary establishments which are engaged in enterprise activity, the new status that the state did not bear subsidiarnoj responsibility under their obligations. However legally such status to fix difficult. If the organisation is engaged in commercial activity and the state does not bear under its obligations subsidiarnoj responsibility it is the commercial organisation.

Representatives of the budgetary organisations were disturbed by offers to change their status and hints that it money can forbid to earn. the academy receives from the budget of only 16 % of financing. But our establishment in a brilliant condition as off-budget means go on maintenance of this condition - the professor of Academy of civil service was indignant at the president Yury Ljubimtsev and has suggested to leave to budgetary establishments the right to earn money and to spend them for itself. We are ready even to give a part to the proprietor - he has just in case offered the transaction to the state.

here the head of department of Federal Agency has interfered with discussion financially - budgetary supervision Simeon Zubakin. Legal razmytost leads to that off-budget money is plundered. Establishments think out not clear requisitions from citizens who go to a pocket, saunas, baths - all it not in the state interests are under construction! - he has declared. The right of state institutions to be engaged in off-budget activity allows the commercial enterprises to pass in management of state institutions and to leave from taxes (budgetary establishments do not pay taxes). There are whole factories which work under mark of budgetary establishments, and their production is exported to Europe. As we in these conditions want to access to WTO, I do not know. After all these enterprises have tax preferences - Tatyana Nesterenko has explained.

And how to be with agricultural productions of the Minister of Defence? - It has indignantly continued. - there say that make hens and pork for feeding of soldiers. And how it to check up? Though the militiaman at each hen put! from its words followed that such activity of the Minister of Defence undermines domestic agriculture, after all these enterprises, unlike usual agricultural productions, taxes do not pay.

Participants of a round table have charged to the government to strengthen control over off-budget incomes of state institutions and to create mechanisms of transfer of those who can work in the market, in other legal forms. We will remind that the government and without these recommendations till 2008 is going to put things in order with the budgetary organisations and the unitary enterprises. The state leaves to itself only those organisations and the enterprises which cannot work in market conditions. However, as the state cannot get rid of all high schools, hospitals and etc., the question with their off-budget incomes all the same should be solved.