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The government is ready to pay for medicines

Yesterday the head of Ministry of Health Michael Zurabov has informed that the governmental order changing a way of calculation of the budget with suppliers of medicines for exempts is signed. With the advent of this document territorial funds of medical fear any more will not have bases to evade from the conclusion of contracts with the companies which have already put in regions on credit medicines for the sum 7 mlrd roubles.
from the federal budget for free medicines for exempts in 2005 it is allocated almost 51 mlrd roubles. According to the governmental order signed in the end of the last year, this money through territorial funds of system of obligatory medical insurance should go to the insurance companies. And if such companies in region are not present - directly farmkompanijam. After in January of this year insurers have been excluded by Michael Zurabova`s decision from system, medical fear funds had a problem: As on the lawful bases to pay delivery of medicines. After all to list them directly to suppliers and manufacturers of a preparation at presence in region of the insurance companies the governmental decree forbids.

as a result the majority of funds to these have not started to pay off for the medicines put in drugstores. It can put suppliers in a difficult financial situation - after all for today they on parole the states have shipped preparations already on 7 mlrd roubles. The further tightening of calculations threatened with a full or partial stop of deliveries. And though Ministry of Health and federal fund OMS tried to solve a problem the missives in the regions, many territorial funds while hold the ground: from the centre we have received money, but we will not give to the companies as we do not want to be accused of no-purpose use of budgetary funds.

According to the chief executive of company ROSNO Vladimir Gurdusa, territorial funds while really do not have legitimate right to pay accounts of the pharmaceutical companies. each such payment can be a subject of steadfast attention from antimonopoly service and Office of Public Prosecutor - he has declared.

as a result as have informed in Federal fund of medical fear, for today contracts with farmpostavshchikami have concluded territorial funds only 46 regions of Russia and only 10 from them have started to carry out the first payments for preferential medicines. The majority of suppliers and the manufacturers, here three months free of charge financing the state program, money yet did not see. The general director of Joint-Stock Company SIA Internejshnl (one of six selected so-called national distributors) Igor Rudinsky has confirmed yesterday that calculations for medicines with its company yet have not begun.

However, under the statement supervising medicinal a theme of the vice-president of committee of Council of federation on a science, culture, formation and Boris Shpigelja`s public health services, the problem with payments arose at all from - for presence of blanks in statutory acts. many funds simply do not want to conclude contracts as at the moment of start of the program they still had large quantity of preparations which they have bought earlier at the expense of own means. Now they try any way to sell this commodity weight, and once again having paid its money received from the centre. Therefore they also evade from the conclusion of new contracts, thinking out different excuses - he has declared.

Anyway, aspiring to remove the unexpected problem threatening by occurrence of deficiency of medicines for exempts, the government has hastened to correct the December decision about an order of financing of the program and has resolved territorial funds of medical fear directly to pay to the authorised suppliers of medicines.