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Vasily Starodubtsev yet has not lost hope

Yesterday the Tula regional Duma and has not waited official entering of the candidate by Vladimir Putin on a post of the governor. It has given an occasion to head of area Vasily Starodubtsev whom observers have already written-off, to declare that the question of formation of the list of applicants is not closed yet.
as informed, on Wednesday at session of council of the Tula regional Duma zampolpreda the president in the Central federal district Anton Fedorov has announced the list of candidates on a post of the governor which powers expire on April, 28th. The deputy chief and the chief engineer of the Tula defensive State Unitary Enterprise have entered into it instrument making KB Vyacheslav Dudka and the main federal inspector on the Tula area Sergey Haritonov.

According to Vladimir Putin`s decree about a nomination procedure in governors, the president should propose the candidate on this post not later than 35 days before the expiration of powers of the operating head of region. Yesterday, it is equal 35 days prior to the expiration of powers of governor Starodubtsev, the Tula deputies have gathered for regional Duma session. To a thought there have arrived even deputies of the State Duma from the Tula area and its representatives in federation Council. The agenda considered nervously, expecting that at any moment there will be a news from the Kremlin with the nominee offer on a post of the governor.

however expectations have not justified: the expanded agenda has been settled, and news from the Kremlin and have not arrived. In a lobby on this fact made comments in favour of mister Starodubtsev. After on Wednesday zampolpreda Feodors were announced by the list of candidates, Tula almost days stayed in a state of shock. The nominee to nobody known in the field of Vyacheslav Dudki became the greatest unexpectedness.

Under the information, Vladimir Putin`s telephone conversation with Vasily Starodubtsev in which course the president has promised to the governor has on Tuesday evening taken place that before final decision acceptance there will be one more conversation. Mister Starodubtsev is assured that this promise will be executed. the president consulted on me and will consult still, - he has declared yesterday. - But, unfortunately, the public of the Tula area long held in ignorance .

Moreover, the regional administration has made a complaint to plenipotentiary representation of the president in the Central district. yesterday there has arrived the official, let even it is the assistant to the plenipotentiary of the president, and named two nominees. If the question is solved, what for now these consultations? And in general, the plenipotentiary representation has broken the decree of the president regarding consultations of the public at a choice of nominees on a post of the governor - has declared vitse - governor Anatoly Voropayev. It has reminded that, according to the presidential decree, not later than 90 days before the expiration of powers of the governor (that is till January, 28th) the plenipotentiary should direct addressed to the head of the Kremlin administration the list of candidates on a post of the head of region following the results of consultations of public organisations. However, as mister Voropayev has underlined, till January, 28th anybody did not spend consultations to areas - even with an United Russia . After vitse - the governor other officials of regional administration who consider have dared at comments also that reforms which now go in the country, on places should spend skilled captains .

Meanwhile local observers consider that Vyacheslav Dudki`s nominee has both pluses, and minuses. On the one hand, many state doubts that the chief engineer of the defensive enterprise can effectively solve economic problems. But obvious plus considers that after two successively landowners at the head of area there will be an industrialist. Thus practically all commentators agree in opinion that the mister the Pipe is not engaged by any local structures and, without having a real support in region, will be absolutely operated from Moscow.

, Tula