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On rescue of Aleshi Lobanova there are 662 049 rbl.

the Chairman of the Limfologichesky society of Germany the doctor of medicine frau no Foldi considers that the treatment forecast limfodemy at Aleshi Lobanova quite favorable: at the correct approach it will develop, as the majority of people, can get education, a trade and it is productive to work . Together with the husband frau Foldi has created 25 years ago clinic where similar diseases treat complex protivootechnoj therapy. This method all over the world admits the gold standard of treatment limfodemy extremities.
for these years through Foldi - clinics have passed almost 100 thousand patients limfodemoj. 400 from them had the same heavy combined infringements of development of lymphatic vessels, as at Aleshi Lobanova. Last year it has got for the first time to this clinic and has successfully passed the first course protivootechnoj therapies.

Frau Foldi believes that this time the clinic will manage to spend not only therapeutic complex of treatment, but also the deep inspection, which purpose - to find out an original cause Aleshinoj of a trouble. And then in clinic of Frajburgsky university to it a series of surgical operations which considerably will facilitate life of the boy will be made.

therapy, inspection and operations will manage in 979 178 rbl. (26 953). 317 128 rbl. ($11 500), as always, are brought by the company Ingosstrah (details on www. rusfond. ru). Thus, there are no 662 049 rbl. more Administration Foldi - clinics has kindly agreed to accept fractional donations for Aleshi. It is possible to list the help in roubles on sberknizhku Aleshinoj of mum Elena Lobanovoj. Bank details are in fund.