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The Narva republic: a new communistic utopia

on August, 10th in Kohtla - Jarve on incorporated plenum of committees of Communist Party of Narva, Kohtla - Jarve and Sillamjae has been published the concept of economic and administrative independence of Severo - East region of Estonia.
the Republican authorities seriously have not concerned the project.

As has explained to the correspondent the secretary of Central Committee KPE Nikolay Zaharov, a concept essence is reduced to the following. The authorities of three cities create administrative body which incurs an operational administration region and develops strategy of economic development. The region administration reserves the right to itself to spend audit of acts of Estonia and to accept to execution only what do not contradict the allied legislation. It concerns in particular laws on citizenship, immigration and privatisation.
the preference in region economy will be given the branches focused first of all on allied structures, and first of all extraction and slate processing that has not so much economic, how many political value.
working out of slate deposits in the beginning 70 - h has resulted years not only in irreversible ecological consequences, but also to mass immigration to Estonia the Russian-speaking population. This branch practically is not connected with economy of republic and works basically on the Union.
a unique link of ego-tripping area with other Estonia - payment of strictly fixed tax in the republican budget. we do not put the purpose of section of republic on a part, - Zaharov has told, - but inhabitants of Narva, Kohtla - Jarve and Sillamjae want to remain as a part of allied federation and do not wish restoration of bourgeois structures . Actions of communists, according to Zaharova, are directed on performance before the accepted decisions of the City Councils, but as has explained to the correspondent the vice-president of the Narva City Council Sergey Makarikov, about any administrative autonomy in decisions of the City Councils of speech is not present. In the memorandum directed on July, 25th to the republican authorities, owners of three cities asked for themselves only economic freedom.
the republican authorities, apparently, are not inclined to dramatize an event. This all empty declarations and communistic vypendrezh, - the assistant to premieres - the minister of Estonia Sergey Chernov has told to the correspondent. - In Estonia now the highest rates of economic transformations.
to people has already bothered to politicise. Besides realisation of these inventions is impossible without guarantees from Russia; it is improbable, that they have met with Yeltsin`s approval.