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The power help of EU

Europe not only gives, but also helps not to spend

the Commissioner of EU Kardoso - And - Marten, supervising a Department of Energy and small-scale business development, has opened on June, 6th the Power centre of EU in Moscow and has carried on negotiations with vitse - prime minister Victor Tchernomyrdin. The centre is created for the purpose of program of Russia new technologies and nou - hau in branches toplivno - a power complex. Thus, according to experts, the European Community aspires to provide to itself priority position in import of the Russian power resources.

Through the power centres in Moscow and Petersburg of EU will extend the newest technologies in the field of power and power savings. For these purposes in 1991 - 1992 it is allocated by 140 million dollars. The centre has prepared 34 projects which part by the time of its official opening has already been realised. So, it has been considerably reduced energy consumption on VDNH (on 75 %), on AZLK, in the Moscow cardiological centre and etc.
Observers pay attention that large enough state enterprises resort to centre services while. At the same time representatives of EU have noticed that would like to have more demands from a private sector as EU strategy is directed on that in wide scales to spend let small, but effective actions for power savings which in the sum can give Russia the big economic benefit.
according to experts, EU free aid in this area has for an object to get of advantage in comparison with other competitors in import of the Russian power resources. The offer, in particular, testifies to it to Kardoso Tchernomyrdin to transform consultations in the field of strategic questions of development of power into the regular.

phone of the Moscow power centre of EU: 952 - 55 - 27.