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The Lithuanian certificate about non-alignment

Lithuania was engaged in favourite business: strengthens independence

on June, 8th VS Lithuania has accepted the Certificate About strengthening of independence LR and about refusal of joining to Post-Soviet east unions .

According to the accepted document Lithuania refuses participation in economic, political, financial, military, information and the other unions with subjects of the former USSR. Any attempts of any state structures of Lithuania to enter the unions set forth above are qualified as illegal activity against independence and the sovereignty of republic and is pursued in a criminal order (however, accurate legal formulations in the certificate are absent). The certificate project have prepared natsional - radicals from Sajudisa And members of parliament have accepted it unanimously that has allowed them to show to the Lithuanian citizens the patriotism once again. Nevertheless in lobby VS the correspondent could not achieve from legislators how many - nibud a distinct explanation of the purposes of acceptance of the certificate. As local observers mark, this document actually cancels set of prisoners before contracts of Lithuania with republics CIS and puts out of the law the reference in republic of the Soviet bank notes. One of deputies has explained to the correspondent that according to the accepted decision Lithuanians should narrow a railway track to the European standard, to cut off wires, to block cranes and to sit in full darkness, enjoying independence.
however the Lithuanian management, most likely, does not become on pain of criminal prosecution to tear wires and to block cranes . The next patriotic campaign undertaken VS under the pressure of radicals from Sajudisa And their cartridge, Vitautas Landsbergisa, it is intended first of all for internal using. Landsbergisu, lost clean about presidency introduction (see 22, p. 23), it is necessary to lift a referendum a patriotic tone of citizens on the threshold of new parliamentary elections, having presented itself the unique guarantor of the sovereignty. Besides, Landsbergis compels the opposition headed by last Soviet leader of Lithuania by Algirdas Brazauskasom, to show before voters support to the political policy.