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The press threatens opposition with law enforcement bodies

past week the Russian journalists with the big enthusiasm for work shined and made comments on activity of domestic opposition in which frameworks only in Moscow has taken place two large actions: a television centre siege Ostankino and congress of Russian national cathedral.

To the action Labour Moscow in Ostankino newspapers, loyal to the power, have concerned rather emotionally. So, News with horror have declared that anything similar in Russia yet done not happen: City streets have grasped crowds made dizzy by permissiveness smashed and klikush which since a birth are unknown elementary morals, ethics, though any respect for human advantage . The indignation concerning not civilised behaviour of picketers (obscene abuse, oplevyvanie a television centre and its employees) was expressed also by other commentators. Thus for edification of oppositionists they have shown receptions of civilised polemic and used in their address exclusively correct expressions - type extremely rage ask for trouble shabash madmen Neobolshevist rack and etc.
Many editions have expressed indignation of that fact that the city authorities and law enforcement bodies the inactivity indulged opposition excesses. Au, the public prosecutor! - appeals Evening Moscow . About the same thought, but differently, express News and the Chiming clock . the Moscow member of the Komsomol directly - taki makes a helpless gesture: Why there are unpunished actions of this small group of chauvinists, communists and everyone adjoined to ` to idea ` evil spirits? truth and the Soviet Russia from its part, have completely supported an initiative Labour Moscow to besiege Ostankino and such way to improve the Russian television. the Soviet Russia has resolutely denied statements of other commentators that gathered in Ostankino, say, behaved netsivilizovanno. However, Truth has remembered that in crowd any persons with Antisemitic slogans scurried about. But it, the newspaper writes, was not Labour Moscow and provokers.
Not the smaller enthusiasm, than ostankinskie excitements, has caused in the oppositional press the congress which has passed in Moscow of Russian national cathedral (RNS) which has at the top of the voice raised the question about the power and there and then it has solved, having declared readiness to take it in hand and to rescue Fatherland though now. A weekly journal Publicity has with satisfaction noted the fact of strengthening of patriotic numbers at the expense of taken part in S.Govorukhin and J.Vlasova`s congress.
This fact has not passed and by attention of the newspaper News (which congress RNS for it an extreme position has estimated sharply negatively). As mark News with a hint on J.Vlasova, some democrats with weak mentality do not maintain pressure of a transitive stage and or bowl off, hit in faultfinding, demagogy, or become deserters .
the Newspaper the Chiming clock As the response to congress RNS has published article of the poet - parodist A.Ivanov about patriots in general. A.Ivanov confirms: everything that is now told under a patriotism banner, disgustingly and poorly. It is especially insulting, he writes that patriotism have withdrawn at democrats were partapparatchiki. To take, for example, one of trumps of patriots - a question on Cossacks revival. Now the majority of atamans - the former secretaries obkomov and district committees. And meanwhile, Ivanov considers, Cossacks democrats should move behind themselves. who can object to Cossacks revival? - The poet writes. - an interesting, original class. Personally what Cossacks lashes dispersed crowds is especially expensive me smashed also thieves with red rags .