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InKomA selects money on the way to RKTS

last week news agency InKomA has started to assist in search of the got lost payment documents of the enterprises.
Experts consider that service of InKomA will cause a great interest from businessmen: overwhelming majority RKTS with processing of a flow of documentation do not consult.

As experts because in April of this year of the Central Bank has forbidden were spetsbankam to make independently summary payment documents (avizo), loading on RKTS Bank of Russia mark has essentially increased. As a result there were formed turns raw avizovok (in Moscow and Petersburg RKTS, for example, documents go to destination approximately in a month from the moment of their receipt). Besides, there were rather usual cases of loss of documents, especially if at their registration errors have been committed.
head InKomA of Ltd. Grigory Dmitrys has explained that services of agency in search of pay-sheets became possible after the firm has got access to the Main computer centre of the Central Bank, having concluded with it the contract on joint processing of the information on movement of means of commercial banks. Using accessible any operatsionistke RKTS databases on the rejected and spent payments, during 3 - 4 days the agency undertakes to define a site lost the way a pay-sheet and the reason on which there was a payment delay.
simultaneously InKomA makes to the clients of the recommendation how optimum to deliver a pay-sheet at destination.
if the pay-sheet was lost definitively, employees of InKomA at will of the client can make copies of all documents which were a part summary avizo. (Transfer on corresponding accounts of banks local RKTS makes only on the basis of summary avizo on which some pay-sheets are applied. In case one of them is lost, transfer on other pay-sheets stops.) quotations for agency services make 0,5 - 2 % of the sum specified in the late pay-sheet.

phone of agency InKomA of LTD. (095 498 - 29 - 00.