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The Moscow stockbrokers have solved: to start the future we will be together

Heads of four Moscow commodity exchanges - MTB, RTSB, MBTSM and Stock exchanges of metals - have signed the memorandum of interexchange cooperation on creation of the contract market. Officially it it is declared on June, 15th.
the decision of exchange committee MTB from June, 17th about admission to membership of a stock exchange of the firm which director is the president of branch RTSB " became the First real consequence of signing of the memorandum; the Russian metal Victor Gubin.

According to the information published on June, 15th, a main objective of the memorandum of interexchange cooperation is interaction of four stock exchanges in the course of creation in Russia the contract exchange market and preparation of the legislative documents regulating trade forward, future and optsionnymi by contracts.
For practical realisation of the project of a stock exchange have decided to create co-ordinating committee from the representatives which will be engaged in development of the uniform concept of contract trade, and also unification of its rules. Participants of the agreement recognised as necessary to go on formation of incorporated exchange space for joint working out of the scheme of clearing activity, hedging (insurance) of transactions, certifications of the enterprises - manufacturers, unifitsirovanija rules of trade, creation of specialised information networks. According to representatives of stock exchanges, they do not exclude possibility of joining to the memorandum of other exchange structures, thus the only stipulation of their occurrence in an alliance is specialisation on trade in the classical exchange goods.
the First real consequence of the memorandum and the warming subsequent to it in relations between the largest exchange structures of Moscow observers consider the decision of exchange committee MTB to accept scientific and technological centre NIIKPEO enterprise which director is Victor Gubin - the co-chairman of exchange council RTSB and the president of branch RTSB " in members of specialised section of metals; the Russian metal . It is characteristic that its arrival on MTB contacts plans of creation under the aegis of this stock exchange of joint-stock company Russian metal . Gubin has declared that it is not going to leave at all with RTSB, having dragged with itself of shareholders the Russian metal and simply plans to expand the uniform market of metal at the expense of possibilities of members MTB and the organisations connected with them.
observers consider as the Reason of signing of the agreement deepening of crisis of trade by the real goods that pushes exchange functionaries to active joint search of an exit from the created deadlock. Experience of their joint talks in Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of Russia in the course of preparation and carrying out of auctions of export quotas became a direct occasion to memorandum signing earlier never to each other not gravitating stock exchanges, according to observers. During these negotiations general views of stock exchanges on the further prospects of development of trade have come to light.