Rus News Journal

Well it is absolute the morning sun never lasts a day! This thought has lighted up us exactly while we indulged in delightful perusal of a report of hydrometeorological centre this week. And only we were going about it whether to begin to sob, whether to be come by a Homeric laughter as in time have stopped, having remembered that the thought stale, an occasion to so shattering emotions insignificant, life all the same proceeds, it everywhere and is diverse. Having been delighted once again to these even more ingenious conclusions, we have decided not to weary any more readers and to pass to that, from - for what they actually and are compelled to get acquainted weekly on 32 - j p. with our outlooks on life. Namely to weather.

a heat and the dryness which was present recently in the north of the European part of Russia, and also in its central areas and generated by high pressure area, will disappear. Therefore as this area collapses, and on change to it there are cyclones from northern seas. It is not necessary to be frightened neither now, nor in general never as means all aforesaid only rains yes moderation of temperature. So confirm at them in hydrometeorological centre. And we are inclined to trust large theorists - to weather forecasters because more all the same to ask there is nobody, and time so write down following figures: in the north of our Europe on the average +17... +22, in the centre +20... +27. Rains here and there.
Usual our mock apropos in what not guilty Yakutia this week to us as in the majority left intelligent families, it is represented to people inappropriate: in the Yakut woods from - for intolerable heats fires flare. Also that with it to do, not clearly because this week +30 will remain. And any saving moisture.
And all because it, the moisture, will prefer Moscow, and it is probable to cease to be in vain for risks saving. On Monday on the small native land of a weekly journal the thunder-storm, truth short will burst and at human quite to temperature - +21... +26. And all the week long then the rain will incidentally fly and there and then to be washed off, and the temperature on the contrary will introduce in ours razuhabistuju life stability and practically will not fluctuate: +11... +16 night and +20... +24 day.
at Petersburg on Monday too will threaten, but then passions pouljagutsja and the rain will take form quite habitual for this city - small and opposite. Though, if effort of will to be released from uzkomestnicheskih predilections, the rain there will be more opposite nothing Moscow, and will suffice us unjustly to run on northern capital - it, as well as Yakutia in what it is not guilty, even that a cradle. So normal there there will be a rain, very much even short-term, day temperature in the beginning of week +16... +21, in second half +18... +24. The tendency to the best if is where Is available.
the London weather this week has to a trip and to itself: chilly and warmly to +18... +23. That else to wish the Russian travellers and prazdnoshatajushchimsja, staying in error that at their high school learnt to that language on which the formed people of England speak.
on other party La - Mansha (or, perhaps, English Channel) is not worse at all, and for an expert in any delicacy where - that even is better. Any nonsenses in the form of umbrellas in a suitcase do not put, frivolous clothes and absence of serious thoughts will be much more pertinent. Frenchmen will understand it more likely though if it is fair, they are almost without exception infected by xenophobia. But let it remains in the category of their personal tragedies.
In Rome all on - former: hot, chilly, beautifully and at every turn a mafia. poezzhajte, be convinced.
It is said that in Barcelona will be, than in Madrid more abruptly, but at weather forecasters in this respect the reasons and they give the Madrid degrees: +21... +26.
In Helsinki small rains, on thermometers if they are subject to the Russian hydrometeorological centre, should be +15... +20, by a weekend is hardly warmer. You can laugh, but in Oslo and Stockholm practically all the same.
on Czechs and visitors of their capital slightly pokapaet, temperature +18... +23, but it was meaningful to go there anyway. At least to feel modest charm of again arising local bourgeoisie.
and as always at this time days in this text on this place to conduct from Moscow about Tokyo: there an intermittent rain, +26 and it is a lot of - many representatives mongoloidnoj race.