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The next book about adventures of colonel Isaeva

Stierlitz again is let out has got into trouble

on June, 19th in joint-stock company printing house Young guards there was a book advance copy Operation ` Schnapps ` and other adventures of standartenfuehrer SS of von Stierlitz let out by private publishing house MiK and the Russian publishing company. Experts have regarded the book as a parody to classical product of Juliana Semenova Seventeen instants of spring .

the Book leaves in circulation 100 000 copies on 272 pages. Prospective wholesale price - 30 rbl. the Book consists of four parts. Three of them: Operation ` Igels ` operation Crash ` Igels ` and Operation ` Schnapps ` - Are national creativity and long time went in lists. The fourth part - the Cuban alarm - it is written by Boris Leontevym. The book also included 103 jokes about Stierlitz and 93 drawings of young artist Anton Fedotova.
Private publishing house MiK it is registered in 1991 the First book which has been let out by publishing house, - a telephone directory of the businessman.
contact phone: (095 323 - 07 - 55.

In conversation with the correspondent Boris Leontev who in combination is also the editor-in-chief of the book, has assured that adventures of well-known colonel Isaeva during time and after war far are not similar on zhivopisanija Juliana Semenova applying for thoroughness. And furthermore on positivity and reserved sexuality of hero Vyacheslav Tikhonov. According to Leonteva, all inhuman is alien to our Stierlitz . He is not afraid to get in the company gestapovtsev a Mauser with a donative inscription Dzerzhinsky, to invite in restaurant the prostitute vegetating at an input and will not forget to mark corners of a prison cell with an inscription Here there was Stierlitz .
According to experts, despite the different authors, the new book is sustained in uniform style and is tactful enough in relation to a prototype of the protagonist.
authors are content with delicate irony, the satirical description of the separate historical moments and parodying semenovskogo the text. Contrary to opinion of separate critics, Operation ` Schnapps ` and other adventures of standartenfuehrer SS of von Stierlitz differs from products of so-called black humour, and also from cheap parkway brochures.